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Advisory Firm Reviews

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Overview of Advisory Firm Reviews in the United States

At SmartAsset, we're committed to helping you find a financial advisor who meets your needs. There are a lot of options to consider when choosing a financial advisor firm. To ensure you have all of the information you need to make the right choice for you, we've profiled over a hundred of the top financial advisor firms across the country. Each profile contains detailed information about the firm's services, typical clientele, fees, investment philosophy and more so you can narrow your search for a financial advisor firm in a shorter amount of time.

Advisory Firm Assets Under Management Number of Advisors Fee Structure
Fisher Investments Fisher Investments logo Read Review $208,905,102,124 1,320 Fee-only
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Merrill Lynch Wealth Management logo Read Review $1,283,837,699,073 25,865 Fee-based
MFS Investment Management MFS Investment Management logo Read Review $556,803,162,123 305 See Review
Edward Jones Edward Jones logo Read Review $654,235,011,481 19,444 Fee-based
LaSalle Investment Management LaSalle Investment Management logo Read Review $28,498,400,305 217 Fee-based
Voya Investment Management Voya Investment Management logo Read Review $177,747,724,787 221 Fee-based
First Eagle Investment Management First Eagle Investment Management logo Read Review $90,115,001,654 29 Fee-based
Generation Investment Management Generation Investment Management logo Read Review $20,424,951,774 8 Fee-only

Advisory Firm Reviews

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Most Affordable Places to Retire

SmartAsset’s interactive map highlights the counties across the U.S. that are most affordable for retirement. It shows areas ranked for both early and average retirement age. Zoom between states and the national map to see data points for each region, or look specifically at one of four factors driving our analysis: property taxes, cost of living, pension metrics, 401(k) metrics and Social Security income.

Rank County Full Social Security Income Early Social Security Income Estimated Property Tax Cost of Living Pension Index 401(k) Index

Methodology Our study considers five factors: property tax, cost of living, pension, 401(k) and Social Security income to find the most affordable places to retire.

First, we looked at the average Social Security income for each county in the United States. We then calculated Social Security income for each age group by measuring the average Social Security income and age distribution of people collecting Social Security in each county.

Next, we looked at 401(k) and pension plan statistics for each county, as these plans are designed to help people meet financial goals for retirement. The metrics included for 401(k) performance were employer contributions, fees and fund performance. For pensions we looked at government contribution, fund returns and funding percentage.

To assess costs that will affect the affordability of an individual’s retirement, we analyzed data on the median annual property taxes paid in each county and their respective cost of living, which includes items like food, medical care and transportation.

We then determined a weighted score for each county’s retirement affordability by evaluating each of the factors above. We indexed the affordability scores so that the values reflect the most affordable places to retire.

Sources: US Census Bureau 2017 American Community Survey, MIT Living Wage Study, Informa Financial Intelligence, Social Security Administration