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Caliber Wealth Management Review

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Caliber Wealth Management, LLC

Caliber Wealth Management is an SEC-registered financial advisor based in Orem, Utah. The firm provides various services focusing on overall financial planning and portfolio management. It works with individuals, as well as businesses and employer-sponsored retirement plans. The firm currently holds more than $85 million in assets under management (AUM). 

Caliber Wealth Management Background 

Caliber Wealth Management has been offering investment advisory services since 2014. The boutique firm employs four advisors, including an accredited investment fiduciary (AIF). The company is owned by 112 Ventures and Nuttall Holdings. David Gardner, managing partner of Caliber Wealth Management, runs the latter firm.

What Types of Clients Does Caliber Wealth Management Accept?

Caliber Wealth Management generally works with individuals. A small fraction of these are high-net-worth individuals. It also advises pensions and profit-sharing plans.  

Caliber Wealth Management Minimum Account Size

To open an account with Caliber Wealth Management, you’d generally need a minimum initial investment of $500,000. 

Services Offered by Caliber Wealth Management

Caliber Wealth Management creates custom investment portfolios for its clients. The firm deploys an asset-allocation strategy based on an individual client's risk tolerance, needs and investment objectives. Your portfolio may invest in the following securities. 

The investment advisory process begins with clients filling out a Confidential Investor Questionnaire. The firm uses this to analyze a client’s current financial situation and goals in order to create an investment portfolio that may be appropriate to meet those objectives. You can also use this form to input special instructions or limits you request on your investments. 

In addition, the firm also offers holistic financial planning services. These programs are designed to help clients meet their financial goals within a set period of time. The firm tailors each program to an individual’s needs. They may touch upon the following areas of a client’s financial life. 

  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Caliber Wealth Management Investment Philosophy

Caliber Wealth Management utilizes several methods to influence its investment decision-making. 

Charting: Predicting the direction of prices by examining patterns to find current market trends

Fundamental Analysis: Projecting market turns and trends by analyzing historical data as well as current conditions

Technical Analysis: Analyzing price and trade volume of the past and present to forecast where prices are moving 

Cyclical Analysis: Project movement of prices by exploring the historical relationship between market trends and prices

Fees Under Caliber Wealth Management

For investment management services, Caliber Wealth Management charges a fee based on a percentage of your assets under management (AUM). Below, we laid out the annual percentage rate. However, these fees are broken down and deducted on a quarterly basis. 

Managed Assets Annual Percentage Rate
$0 - $9,999,999 1.25%
$1,000,000 - $1,999,999 1.00%
$2,000,000 - $6,999,999 0.75%
$7,000,000 - $10,000,000 0.50%
More than $10,000,000 Negotiable

Check out the table below to see how the asset-based fees of Caliber Wealth Management comapre to the average rates for firms across the industry. 

*Fee estimates only consider the maximum base fees for the services each firm provides. You may also pay manager fees and other fees, which can vary in amount. **All figures are based on median fee levels according to Bob Veres' 2017 Planning Profession Fee Survey. The above estimates solely take into account AUM-only fees. Total costs will likely be higher due to additional expenses.
Estimated Fee Comparison*
Your Assets Caliber Wealth Management Asset-Based Fee National Median Advisory Fees**
$500K $6,250 $5,000
$1MM $10,000 $8,500 - $10,000
$5MM $37,500 $25,000 - $32,500
$10MM $50,000 $50,000

Caliber Wealth Management charges an agreed-upon fixed or hourly fee for general financial planning services. Fees can vary based on the complexity of the program. The fixed fee ranges from $300 to $1,000. Hourly fees are generally $150. In addition, Caliber charges a minimum $300 fee after the plan is complete. 

What to Watch Out For

Caliber Wealth Management may receive compensation from the sale of certain securities. Thus, its members may be incentivized to recommend these investments in light of potential compensation. This arrangement may create a conflict of interest. 

But as a fiduciary, Caliber is obligated by law to work in your best interests despite compensation. 


Caliber Wealth Management has not been involved in any disciplinary consequences related to its business practices, according to the firm’s most recent Form ADV. This is a detailed form that all advisors with more than $25 million in AUM must file with the SEC. It contains information about the firm’s business practices. 

Opening an Account with Caliber Wealth Management

You can open an account with Caliber Wealth Management by visiting the firm’s headquarters in Orem, Utah. You can also reach the firm by dialing (801) 607-1941.

Where Is Caliber Wealth Management Located?

Caliber Wealth Management is located on 1436 E. 820 N. Orem, Utah 84097. 

Tips for Finding a Financial Advisor

  • Finding the right financial advisor that fits your needs doesn’t have to be hard. SmartAsset’s free tool matches you with financial advisors in your area in 5 minutes. If you’re ready to be matched with local advisors that will help you achieve your financial goals, get started now.
  • Remember that not all financial advisors are equally experienced or even certified. Generally, you should be seeking a fiduciary financial advisor who is a certified financial planner (CFP).

How Many Years $1 Million Lasts in Retirement

SmartAsset's interactive map highlights places where $1 million will last the longest in retirement. Zoom between states and the national map to see the top spots in each region. Also, scroll over any city to learn about the cost of living in retirement for that location.

Rank City Housing Expenses Food Expenses Healthcare Expenses Utilities Expenses Transportation Expenses

Methodology To determine how long a $1 million nest egg would cover retirement costs in cities across America, we analyzed data on average expenditures for seniors, cost of living and investment returns.

First, we looked at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on the average annual expenditures of seniors. We then applied cost of living data from the Council for Community and Economic Research to adjust those national average spending levels based on the costs of each expense category (housing, food, healthcare, utilities, transportation and other) in each city. Using this data, SmartAsset calculated the average cost of living for retirees in the largest U.S. cities.

We assumed the $1 million would grow at a real return (interest minus inflation) of 2%. This reflects the typical return on a conservative investment portfolio. Then, we divided $1 million by the sum of each of those annual numbers to determine how long $1 million would cover retirement expenses in each of the cities in our study. Cities where $1 million lasted the longest ranked the highest in the study.

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Council for Community and Economic Research