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How much do you normally spend on groceries each month?
Do you shop at any big box stores?
Do you buy gas at Costco?
How much do you spend on gas every month?
Do you commute to work on public transportation? We may be able to find you some savings here.
How much are your monthly public transportation commuting expenses?
How much do you spend at restaurants each month?
How much do you spend shopping online or in retail stores each month?
Do you pay your phone bill with a credit card?
We may be able to help you find some savings with your wireless provider. Which cell phone carrier do you use?
How much do you spend on your monthly cell phone bill?
Do you pay for utilities with a credit card?
How much do you normally spend on utilities each month?
Do you own a small business?
Are you an active or former member of the US military?
Do you have a spouse or family member who has served, or is currently serving in the US military?
Are you currently a student?
Do you currently have children under the age of 18?
How much do you spend on childcare related expenses each month?
Do you have a checking or savings account with any of these banks?
Will you use travel rewards for business or personal travel?
Is most of your travel domestic or international?
How do you normally travel?
How many family members do you typically travel with?
How frequently do you fly?
How important is priority boarding to you?
How important are free checked bags to you?
How important is airport lounge access to you?
How important is booking rewards flights without blackout dates or restrictions to you?
Which Airlines do you travel with most?
How frequently do you stay in hotels when you travel?
How important are hotel perks such as free wifi to you?
Which hotels do you stay at most?
What type of rewards do you prefer?
Would you consider using a card with an annual fee?
(We only recommend cards where rewards are greater than the cost of the fee)
What is your best guess at your credit score?

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