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Beck Capital Management Review

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This review was produced by SmartAsset based on publicly available information. The named firm and its financial professionals have not reviewed, approved, or endorsed this review and are not responsible for its accuracy. Review content is produced by SmartAsset independently of any business relationships that might exist between SmartAsset and the named firm and its financial professionals, and firms and financial professionals having business relationships with SmartAsset receive no special treatment or consideration in SmartAsset’s reviews. This page contains links to SmartAsset’s financial advisor matching tool, which may or may not match you with the firm mentioned in this review or its financial professionals.


Beck Capital Management is research-focused and offers details on the firm’s investment philosophy. A highlight of Beck Capital is that you’re not charged separate fees for financial planning services, a practice common in other firms. Instead, your management fees include the service. The company offers account management to individuals and high-net-worth individuals and families.  

Beck Capital Management Advisors Background

James “Frank” Beck, is the principal owner of the firm. He serves as the president and the chief investment officer. He has a mathematics degree from University of Texas at Austin and has worked in investment services since 1978. He founded the predecessor to Beck Capital Management in 1997 and has led the company since. 

Beck Capital Management Client Types and Account Minimums

Beck Capital works with: 

  • Individuals and high-net-worth individuals
  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • Charitable organizations
  • Corporations and businesses

There is no minimum account size at Beck Capital Management.

Services Offered at Beck Capital Management

Portfolio management is the main service offered at Beck Capital Management. There are a variety of model investment portfolios clients can choose from.

Notably, the firm does not offer financial planning. If you want financial planning in addition to investment mangement, another firm may be a better choice.

Who Should Use Beck Capital Management? 

Those who have at least $100,000 or are within 10 years of retirement is the answer Frank Beck, Beck Capital’s president, gave when asked about who should find a financial advisor. He stated that most clients are most concerned about their money lasting at least as long as they do, and setting up a plan for their children or grandchildren.

If you appreciate a heavily researched based approach to your portfolio, you’ll appreciate Beck Capital’s focus on macro economics and analysis. It’s one of the only firms that employs a PhD economist and professor. 

The firm’s eight person team is on the smaller size compared to other firms in the area, but not as small as the three-person LBJ Family Wealth Management. You’d likely have the opportunity to get to know most team members but still have the resources of a larger firm, such as databases and tools used to manage your account. 

This firm is also for you if you prefer one set fee. Financial planning services are included in your management fees. This differs from firms such as WorthPointe and Austin Asset that charge separately for those services either as an hourly fee or as a project-based fee. 

Finally, while it’s not essential to live in Austin, it is helpful if you’re in the area to meet with your advisor at least once a year.  

Fees at Beck Capital Management

Beck Capital Management is fee-based. That means the company makes its money from managing your assets as well as through other means. Fee-only companies, such as Austin Asset and Durbin Bennett, earn money solely from the assets under management fee.  

Beck Capital is fee-based because agents may earn commissions from selling you a real estate investment product or other products such as insurance that your advisor recommended. That’s not an uncommon practice among financial advisors, but it is something to keep in mind.

Beck Capital charges clients based on a percentage of assets under management for its investment management services. Fees are generally negotiable and based onfactors including the amount of assets under management and how complex a client's financial situation is. The firm provides the following rate table in its Form ADV:

Household Accounts Total Annual Fee Quarterly Fee
$0 to $250,000 1.80% 0.45%
$250,001 to $500,000 1.50% 0.375%
$500,001 to $1,000,000 1.20% 0.30%
$1,000,001 to $5,000,000 1.00% 0.25%
$5,000,001 to $10,000,000 0.85% 0.2125%
Above $10,000,000 0.75% 0.1875%

You’re also responsible for brokerage commissions and transaction ticket fees. These are charged to you directly and cover the cost of any brokerage transactions executed on your behalf for your portfolio’s assets.

The following chart shows what your fees will look like in real dollars.

*Estimated investment management fees do not include brokerage, custodial, third-party manager or other fees, which can vary in amount.
Estimated Investment Management Fees at Beck Capital Management*
Your Assets Beck Capital Management Fee Amounts
$500K $7,500
$1MM $12,000
$5MM $50,000
$10MM $85,000

Beck Capital Management Investment Philosophy  

Two mottos Beck Capital uses to describe its philosophy is “growth at a reasonable price,” and “model growth.” Simply put, the company uses institutional grade databases to conduct a rigorous research in-house. The firm’s vice president is a macro economist and professor of finance at the University of Texas at Austin, another example of the company’s research focus. 

Beck Capital uses the “30,000 foot view” to describe how the firm takes a long-term view of the industry. This long view evaluates industry sector developments, secular trends, money flows, news events and policies. This also includes foreign currencies and employment statistics.  

The company decides what securities to buy by analyzing revenue and earning growth and gross and operating margins. Reasonable valuation relative to growth rate is taken into account as well as determining young industry-leading companies. Advisors at Beck use fundamental, technical and cyclical analysis to formulated investment strategies and evaluate securities.  

Sector rotation is another keystone for Beck Capital. This method involves rotating investment sectors in cycles of one to five years based on changing economies.  

Out of the 10 Austin-based advisor firms we researched, Beck Capital had one of the most detailed and research-based investment philosophies we came across.    

What to Watch Out for with Beck Capital Management 

Beck Capital Management doesn’t have any major downsides. The only potential issue is that the company is considered fee-based rather than fee-only. What this means is your advisor can make money from selling you a real estate investment or insurance (or other products). On the other hand, a fee-only company earns revenue through the management fee, and that’s it. It’s a harder standard to meet, and not as common as fee-based. 

Another potential detractor may be the lack of certifications at Beck Capital. The company has a wealth of experience, but lacks the same formal credentials (such as CFPs, CFAs and CPAs) that many other firms include. If that’s important to you, you may want to try another firm. 

Beck Capital Management has not incurred any disclosures or disciplinary actions.

Starting an Account With Beck Capital Management 

To schedule your first meeting with Beck Capital, call (512-345-6789) or fill out the contact form on the company’s website.  

Frank Beck, the company’s president and owner, stated that in the beginning you can meet with your advisor as often as you’d like. There’s no set number of appointments, it’s up to you and how comfortable you feel working with an advisor. Some clients live in other countries or states, so it depends on their schedules. Clients who live in central Texas will generally meet with the firm at least annually. 

In those initial meetings you’ll review topics such as your financial situation, objective and goals. This may include retirement planning, education and estate planning as well as insurance and a review of your assets. 

Families and high-net-worth individuals can choose from a menu of portfolio management services. Your portfolio is built to meet your return goal and is customized to fit your financial situation.  

Beck Capital also offers services for institutions. This includes 401(k)s and defined contribution plans. The company also manages trust and endowment portfolios. 

Accounts are managed on a discretionary basis after your consent. This means securities can be bought or sold without your permission. This method allows your portfolio to be managed without your active daily participation. 

Tips for Financial Planning

  • Financial planning can be difficult and overwhelming. You want to make sure you have the best plan in place with as little hassle as possible, which is something a financial advisor can help with. Finding the right financial advisor that fits your needs doesn’t have to be hard. SmartAsset’s free tool matches you with up to three financial advisors who serve your area, and you can interview your advisor matches at no cost to decide which one is right for you. If you’re ready to find an advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals, get started now.
  • Investing with a goal in mind is often confusing. It can be tough to know how much to invest in order to meet your goals. Use SmartAsset’s investment calculator to help you reach your goals. Know how much you’re starting with, how fast you want to grow, and how long you want to invest, and the calculator will have you well on your way to reaching your financial goals.

How Long $1mm Lasts in Retirement

SmartAsset's interactive map highlights places where $1 million will last the longest in retirement. Zoom between states and the national map to see the top spots in each region. Also, scroll over any city to learn about the cost of living in retirement for that location.

Rank City Housing Expenses Food Expenses Healthcare Expenses Utilities Expenses Transportation Expenses

Methodology We analyzed data on average expenditures for seniors, cost of living and investment returns to determine how many years of retirement a $1 million nest egg would cover in cities across America.

First, we looked at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on the average annual expenditures of seniors. We then applied cost of living data from the Council for Community and Economic Research to adjust those national average spending levels based on the costs of each expense category (housing, food, healthcare, utilities, transportation and other) in each city. Using this data, SmartAsset calculated the average cost of living for retirees in the largest U.S. cities.

We assumed the $1 million would grow at a real return (interest minus inflation) of 2%. Then, we divided $1 million by the sum of each of those annual numbers to determine how long $1 million would cover retirement expenses in each of the cities in our study. Cities where $1 million lasted the longest ranked the highest in the study.

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Council for Community and Economic Research