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NGP Energy Capital Management Review

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NGP Energy Capital Management, LLC

NGP Energy Capital Management, aka Natural Gas Partners, is a private equity investor that specializes in the natural resources sector. Its main office is in Irving, Texas, with an additional branch in Houston. The team of 31 advisors manages more than $12.4 billion in assets.

NGP Energy Capital Management Background

NGP started as Natural Gas Partners, L.P., in 1988. It is now owned by three companies: NGP Management Company, LLC, ECM Capital, LP and ECMA Holdings LLC. These companies are owned by employees and other companies, including The Carlyle Group and Carlyle Holdings.   

An executive committee - consisting of Tony Weber, Chris Carter, Craig Glick, and Jill Lampert - manages NGP.

What Types of Clients Does NGP Energy Capital Management Accept?

Technically, NGP’s clients are its private equity funds. Investors in these funds are “qualified purchasers,” as defined by the Advisers Act of 1940, which include endowments, foundations, pension plans, financial institutions and some high-net-worth individuals and their investment vehicles. 

NGP Energy Capital Management Minimum Account Sizes

The firm provides its minimums in its offering documents, but it generally requires a $5,000,000 investment.

Services Offered by NGP Energy Capital Management

As noted earlier, NGP manages private equity funds that specialize in the energy sector, providing capital and being an active sponsor to the companies it invests in. It currently has nine funds, and according to its website, it has invested in more than 200 companies in its history. 

NGP Energy Capital Management Investing Philosophy

NGP says that it seeks “to generate superior returns through investments in high-quality companies in the natural resources sector without having to rely on timing its investments in conjunction with unpredictable commodity price and capital market cycles.” 

It invests in oil and natural gas production, acquisition, exploitation, and development drilling companies, midstream and oilfield services companies, energy efficiency, alternative energy, natural gas-gathering and power and processing companies, power technology and other energy-related businesses. It also invests in coastal protection, water resources and services, and food and agriculture sectors. 

The firm focuses on businesses based in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, but it will consider opportunities around the world. Since 2013, it has invested almost $2 billion in 38 North Texas companies alone.

Fees Under NGP Energy Capital Management

NGP provides its management and performance-based fees in the offering documents of its funds. It does not publish them. 

NGP Energy Capital Management Awards and Recognition

In 2018, D CEO named NPG’s Jill Lampert upstream CFO of the year.

Additionally, NPG’s Chris Carter made it onto Oil and Gas Investor’s annual “30 Under 40” list of rising leaders in 2015.

What to Watch Out For

NPG is a private equity fund company. It doesn’t work with small investors. It also doesn’t offer financial planning or wealth management. If you need these services, use SmartAsset’s pro matching tool to find a financial advisor in your area.


NPG had no legal or disciplinary actions in the past 10 years to report in its most recent SEC filings.

Opening an Account With NGP Energy Capital Management

To contact NPG, send an email to inquiries@ngptrs.com. Alternately, call its Irving office at (972) 432-1440.

Where Is NGP Energy Capital Management Located?

Headquarters are located at 5221 N. O’Connor Boulevard, 11th Floor, Irving, Texas 75039.

All information was accurate as of the writing of this article. 

Tips for Finding a Financial Advisor 

  • Ask how advisor candidates get paid. Those whose only compensation is the fees they collect from you will likely have fewer conflicts of interests than those who also receive commissions. That said, if any advisors say they are fiduciaries, that means they will work in your best interests.
  • Use SmartAsset’s pro matching tool. Simply answer questions about your financial situation and preferences, and the program will match you with up to three suitable advisors in your area.

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