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Rachel Cautero

Retirement, Investing and Budget Expert

Rachel Cautero writes on all things personal finance, from retirement savings tips to monetary policy, even how young families can best manage the financial challenges of having children. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Forbes, The Balance, LearnVest, SmartAsset, HerMoney, DailyWorth, The New York Observer, MarketWatch, Lifewire, The Local: East Village, a New York Times publication and The New York Daily News. Rachel was an Experian #CreditChat panelist and has appeared on Cheddar Life and NPR’s On Point Radio with Meghna Chakrabarti. She has a bachelor’s degree from Wittenberg University and a master's in journalism from New York University. Her coworkers include her one-year-old son and a very needy French bulldog.

Posts by Rachel Cautero:

by Rachel Cautero Sep 18, 2019

There’s no shortage of required licensing exams for financial professionals. From the Series 63 and Series 65 to Series 7, there are many different exams required for various roles within the financial services industry. Financial professionals who pass the Series 6 exam are licensed to sell certain securities and insurance products. Here’s a breakdown of what the exam entails and why the license matters. Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 18, 2019

Those nearing retirement age may be looking to supplement their income. If they’ve already maxed out their other retirement savings accounts, like their 401(k) or IRA, then an annuity might help. Annuities come in many variations, including fixed, variable, indexed, immediate and deferred. We breakdown the different types of annuities so you can decide if one is right for your financial situation. Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 18, 2019

The Series 65, also known as the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination, is a test and license required of most financial professionals. If you’re interested in becoming a financial professional, it’s just one of the many licenses you may need to succeed in the industry. Read on to learn more about the Series 65, from its issuing body to certification requirements, plus what types of financial professionals it licenses. Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 17, 2019

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting your feet wet, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of an annuity. This financial product doles out regular payments for a set amount of time to… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 18, 2019

Thinking of becoming a licensed financial professional? You’ll likely have to take one – or several – licensing exams. The Series 63 exam focuses on a financial professional’s ethical and fiduciary… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 18, 2019

Looking for a long-term, relatively risk-free savings option? Then you might consider a fixed indexed annuity. This is a financial instrument that provides investors with a guaranteed interest rate… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 12, 2019

Most investors are familiar with mutual funds and retirement savings vehicles like 401(k)s. But a collective investment trust (CIT) combines some of the characteristics of both. While CITs are… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 11, 2019

When you begin building your investment portfolio, you may start with a mix of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and other investments. But once your nest egg grows, you may be looking for a… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 09, 2019

Choosing a financial advisor isn’t easy. You’ll need to determine if you need an in-person financial advisor or a robo-advisor. Then you’ll choose a firm. It may be one close to home or with a… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 09, 2019

There is always risk associated with investing. Sure, you can diversify your portfolio or hedge against risk by purchasing low-risk securities such as bonds, money market funds, or certificates of… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 09, 2019

Securities that trade “over-the-counter,” or OTC, are not traded on a formal exchange. While the biggest publicly traded companies trade on stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 06, 2019

Bonds can help the federal government or other agencies raise money for specific projects. They’re like loans that investors make to government agencies or corporations. A bond’s face value will give… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Sep 06, 2019

If you’re of retirement age and want to supplement your income, you may want to consider a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). A HECM is a reverse mortgage through the Federal Housing Authority … Read more

by Rachel Cautero Aug 30, 2019

Before jumping headfirst into the world of investing, it may be smart to educate yourself on where your money will be invested. This is where asset classes come in. Simply put, asset classes are… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Aug 30, 2019

Looking for a low-risk means of diversifying your investment portfolio? Then you may want to consider investing in commercial paper. No, we’re not talking about buying stock in a paper company … Read more

by Rachel Cautero Aug 21, 2019

If you’re on the cusp of retirement or just looking for extra income, annuitization could help you. Annuitization converts an annuity investment into a stream of regular payments. With an annuity, a… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Aug 14, 2019

Investing in precious metals can help an investor diversify their portfolio. A healthy mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or even an exchange-traded fund (ETF) or two can keep your portfolio… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Aug 12, 2019

If you find yourself vacationing in the same area year after year, then purchasing a timeshare may have come across your radar. Timeshare properties allow you to partially own what some might… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Aug 09, 2019

If you know how to invest in S&P 500 stocks, they could provide a solid foundation for your portfolio. The S&P 500 is a market index tracking the 500 largest publicly-traded companies on the market.… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Aug 06, 2019

Treasury bonds and bills can be an important part of your investment strategy. However, treasury yields will determine their value to your portfolio.  Treasury yields represent how much profit you… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Aug 06, 2019

If you have an investment portfolio or a 401(k), you’ve probably invested in a mutual fund. You may have also invested your savings in an ETF. Another similar option for investors who don’t want to… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Jul 30, 2019

Working capital measures a business’s operating liquidity, but it does so much more. It also can be a good indicator of a company’s efficiency and financial health, as well as how well it manages… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Jul 26, 2019

Spotted a hot stock and can’t afford to invest as much as you’d like? A margin account allows you to borrow money from your brokerage firm to make the buy. But if trading money you don’t have sounds… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Jul 22, 2019

So you’ve got a pension coming your way… and a divorce, too. These days, the divorce might be more common than the pension. According to a 2002 report from the Centers for Disease Control and… Read more

by Rachel Cautero Jul 19, 2019

Monetary policy is vital to the health of any nation’s economy. It is typically decided by an independent body or central bank, and is used to manage a nation’s money supply and interest rates. Money… Read more