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Amanda Dixon

Banking and Tax Expert

Amanda Dixon is a personal finance writer and editor with an expertise in taxes and banking. She studied journalism and sociology at the University of Georgia. Her work has been featured in Business Insider, AOL, Bankrate, The Huffington Post, Fox Business News, Mashable and CBS News. Born and raised in metro Atlanta, Amanda currently lives in Brooklyn.

Posts by Amanda Dixon:

by Amanda Dixon Feb 02, 2018

Paying taxes can be a real drag. But the government needs the income generated from taxes to provide funding for schools, law enforcement, veterans’ benefits, public projects and various programs. If you earn a wage or a salary, you’ll likely be subject to a federal payroll tax known as the FICA tax. Read on to find out what it is and who’s responsible for paying it. Read more

by Amanda Dixon Feb 14, 2018

When it comes to paid family leave, the United States is behind the curve. The U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world without a paid parental leave policy for new parents in place at the national level. And according to the U.S. Department of Labor, only 12% of private sector workers had access to paid family leave through their jobs in 2015. Since most parents in America are working parents, these are startling statistics. Read more

by Amanda Dixon Apr 27, 2017

Education is a factor that parents often take into account when deciding where to settle down and purchase a home. That’s why most of the best places to raise a family have good schools. While education has never been the great equalizer it was meant to be for students in the United States, those who receive a high quality public school education have a greater chance of graduating from college and succeeding in the real world. Read more

by Amanda Dixon Apr 19, 2017

The Federal Reserve recently raised the federal funds rate for the second time in a few months. The Fed seems to be fairly confident about the direction that the economy is moving in. That means more… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Apr 18, 2017

When you’re ready to tap into your retirement accounts, it’s best to avoid doing so haphazardly. If you’re strategic, your savings may last throughout the course of your lifetime. If you have an… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 30, 2017

Many cardholders have access to hidden credit card benefits. For example, you may be unaware of the fact that your credit card company offers roadside assistance. So if your car suddenly breaks down… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Apr 13, 2017

At some point, older adults may need help completing basic activities like getting dressed and taking baths. Unfortunately, health insurance plans don’t exactly cover this kind of care. This is where… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Apr 12, 2017

States across the country are going green amid growing concerns about climate change. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, more than 40 states (and Washington, D.C.) have… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 30, 2017

Reviewing your credit card statement every month is important. If you toss it in the trash as soon as you receive it, you may miss the chance to catch a mistake. A merchant may have charged you twice… Read more

by Amanda Dixon May 25, 2017

Many Americans are expected to sign up for health insurance during the open enrollment period that falls between the beginning of November and the end of January. But that’s not the case for everyone… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Feb 12, 2018

Today’s young adults are waiting to buy homes. A recent survey from the National Association of Realtors revealed that the average first-time homebuyer is in her early 30s. Most of the people… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 29, 2017

Planning to spend your golden years catching up on sleep? That might not be a good idea. A recent study from the National Institutes of Health found that physical activity may increase one’s life… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 24, 2017

When you can no longer afford your monthly mortgage payments, you have several options. You can sell your house and try to downsize. Or you can find out whether you qualify for a loan modification.… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 23, 2017

When’s the best time to retire? Should you wait until your full retirement age? Or should you leave the workplace as soon as possible so you can trek across the globe or start the business you’ve… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Dec 12, 2017

Some of us have too many credit cards. Depending on your lifestyle, it might make sense to have three or four cards in your wallet. And as long as you’re keeping up with your monthly bills, there’s… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Apr 10, 2017

The fight for equal rights for working women remains an uphill battle. That’s one reason why about 3 million people around the world recently participated in women’s marches and thousands took part… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 20, 2017

Remember Brexit? In June 2016, more than 30 million people in the U.K. took part in a referendum. Most of the voters (51.9%) wanted Britain to exit the European Union (hence the term Brexit). Prime… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 14, 2017

Many studies seem to suggest that millennials are in a financial pickle. For starters they earn less than their parents did when they were young adults. Plus, the average millennial has over $30,000… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 22, 2017

The IRS allows some nonprofits to avoid paying federal income taxes. The only problem is that the application for federal tax exemption (Form 1023) is extensive. In addition to completing the… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 22, 2017

Businesses and individual consumers have something in common. Both groups have to file taxes. Some groups, however, are automatically tax-exempt, meaning that they’re not required to pay federal… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 08, 2017

Besides comparing colleges based on their size and academic programs, high school graduates need to consider whether they’ll take advantage of in-state scholarships and grants or enroll in an out-of… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Feb 20, 2018

Editorial Note: This content is not provided by the credit card issuer. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Feb 08, 2018

If you owe someone money, there are multiple ways to pay them back. In the past, you might have written a check. But these days, you can transfer money electronically through various payment systems,… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 02, 2017

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form that students must submit each year if they need federal assistance for their undergraduate or graduate school courses. You may also need to… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 01, 2017

Not all companies have employer-sponsored retirement plans. In fact, if your job offers a 401(k), a 403(b) or a 457 plan, you’re one of the lucky ones. And if your employer agrees to match a portion… Read more