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Anja Solum

Anja Solum is a data journalist at SmartAsset covering a variety of personal finance topics, including retirement and debt management. Before joining SmartAsset, she worked on both agency and in-house content marketing teams where she developed her love for data analysis and visualization. In her free time, she nurtures a passion for gaming, a recent addiction to anime & KDramas, and a mischievous labrador retriever. A bit of a nomad, she’s lived in Norway, Jamaica, and Denmark in addition to the U.S. but now resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Posts by Anja Solum

A man crosses a street in an empty city.
Data Studies

Best Cities to Ride Out a Recession – 2023 Study

While there is a lot of debate on whether the U.S. will enter a recession – or if it’s already in one – some models have projected a likelihood as high as 99.3%1. While no one can predict the future,… Read more…

Data Studies

Best Zoom Towns in the U.S. – 2023 Study

The modern worker in 2023 has more options than ever before. Forty-one percent of workers are still fully remote or in a hybrid role1, which means people can opt to settle down in places that can offer a little reprieve from high living costs. This has given rise to a new moniker to describe the… Read more…

Data Studies

$300K Is the ‘New $100K’ in NYC. Here’s How Taxes and Costs Affect U.S. Cities – 2023 Study

SmartAsset: Where People Are Buying Second Homes - 2023 Edition
Data Studies

Where People Are Buying Second Homes – 2023 Edition

There’s often more risk involved when purchasing a second home than with a first home. Potential buyers may depend on rental cashflows, be wary of potential natural disasters, and be concerned about maintaining the property from a distance. And in a particularly volatile… Read more…

2023 SmartAsset Study: Places Where the Gender Wage Gap Is Closing
Data Studies

Where the Gender Wage Gap Is Closing – 2023 Study

When it comes to the gender wage gap, statistics paint a disappointing picture. Women made 83 cents for every dollar earned by a man in 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, that figure hasn’t changed much… Read more…

Data Studies

Best Places for Black Entrepreneurs – 2023 Edition

Black Americans are the third-largest racial or ethnic group in the U.S., making up just over 12% of the population. But less than 3% of all businesses are Black-owned. Some places outperform others, however, when it comes to the prevalence, success, and financial health of Black-owned companies and business owners. In celebration and recognition of… Read more…

Data Studies

Cities Where Residents Have the Worst Commutes – 2023 Edition

While remote work has boomed in the last three years, the majority of working Americans still commute to work. According to the Census, a one-way commute took workers an average of 25.6 minutes in 2021. Using this estimate, workers in 2023 will average almost 222 hours (or a little over nine days) driving to and… Read more…

SmartAsset: What It Takes to Be in the 1% By State – 2023 Edition
Data Studies

What It Takes to Be in the Top 1% by State – 2023 Edition

The gap between the top 1% of earners and average Americans is stark. In fact, the average American household earns a median income of under $70,000, but in some places, the top 1% can earn as much as $955,000. Those… Read more…

Data Studies

Best States for Homeowners – 2022 Edition

The hot housing market has shown signs of cooling. Nationally, home prices have declined by 1.3% since their peak in June 2022. And some experts have predicted that housing could fall as much as 20%. Regionally, the majority of housing markets are expected to see price drops toward the end of this year. For prospective… Read more…

SmartAsset 2022 Study: Where Americans Are Happiest
Data Studies

Where Americans Are Happiest – 2022 Study

Research shows that in some cases, money does lead to happiness. In fact, a 2021 University of Pennsylvania study found a correlation between happiness and income growth, even past an annual income of $80,000. This is in contrast to previous… Read more…