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Missouri Income Tax Calculator

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Overview of Missouri Taxes

Missouri has a progressive income tax. There is a statewide sales tax, as well as additional county and city rates. The average effective property tax rate in Missouri is slightly below the national average.

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* These are the taxes owed for the 2021 - 2022 filing season.

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    • Based on your filing status, your taxable income is then applied to the the tax brackets to calculate your federal income taxes owed for the year.
    • Your location will determine whether you owe local and / or state taxes. more
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Taxes in Missouri

Missouri State Tax Quick Facts

  • Income tax: 0% - 5.40%
  • Sales tax: 4.225% - 10.350%
  • Property tax: 0.93% average effective rate
  • Gas tax: 17.00 cents per gallon of regular gasoline and diesel

In 2014, the Missouri legislature voted to cut income taxes in the state for the first time in almost 100 years. Starting with tax year 2014, the top tax rate started falling from 6% to 5.4% over the course of five years. The income tax rates for the 2021 tax year (which you file in 2022) range from 0% to 5.4%.

Residents of and people who work in Kansas City or St. Louis must also pay a 1% earnings tax, which will keep their tax bills somewhat higher than average.

The state’s sales tax system consists of a statewide rate of 4.225% and additional local rates up to 6.125%. Local governments also collect property taxes in Missouri, with an average effective rate of 0.93%, which is below the U.S. average.

A financial advisor in Missouri can help you understand how taxes fit into your overall financial goals. Financial advisors can also help with investing and financial planning - including retirement, homeownership, insurance and more - to make sure you are preparing for the future.

Missouri Income Taxes

Missouri’s personal income tax is structured in a similar manner to the federal income tax, with marginal rates based on each taxpayer’s level of income. The rates range from 0% up to 5.4% for the 2021 tax year. Joint and single filers pay the same rates.

Income Tax Brackets

All Filers
Missouri Taxable IncomeRate
$0 - $1080.00%
$108 - $1,0881.50%
$1,088 - $2,1762.00%
$2,176 - $3,2642.50%
$3,264 - $4,3523.00%
$4,352 - $5,4403.50%
$5,440 - $6,5284.00%
$6,528 - $7,6164.50%
$7,616 - $8,7045.00%

The rates in the table above apply to Missouri taxable income. To calculate Missouri taxable income, taxpayers take their federal adjusted gross income (AGI) and then subtract or add certain types of income. For example, contributions made to a qualified 529 college savings plan may be subtracted from AGI, while interest earnings on public bonds outside of Missouri must be added back in. However, there is no longer a personal exemption for single or joint filers in Missouri.

The final step is to claim deductions. The Missouri standard deduction is tied to the federal deduction; this means that for the 2020 tax year, it’s $12,550 for individual filers, $25,100 for joint filers and $18,800 for heads of household. The deduction is larger if either you or your spouse is older than 65 or blind.

For taxpayers who itemize deductions on their federal tax return, there is also an option to do so on their state return. (Taxpayers who do not itemize federally cannot do so on their state return.) Federal deductions will carry over to the state return, and additional deductions can be claimed, most importantly the deduction for federal income taxes paid. The federal income tax deduction allows Missouri taxpayers to deduct federal income taxes paid, up to a limit of $5,000 for single filers and $10,000 for joint filers for tax year 2021.

In addition to the state tax, St. Louis and Kansas City both collect their own earning taxes of 1%. Residents and anyone who works in either city must pay this tax. They are the only cities in Missouri that collect their own income taxes.

Missouri Sales Tax

Sales taxes are another important source of revenue for state and local governments in Missouri. The Missouri statewide rate is 4.225%, which by itself would be among the lowest in the country. However, since counties and cities also levy sales taxes, actual rates are often much higher, in some areas reaching 10.350%. The table below shows sales tax rates for all the counties and the largest cities in Missouri.

Sales Tax Rates(Updated January 2022)

CountyState RateCounty RateTotal Sales Tax
Adair County4.225%1.375%5.600%
Andrew County4.225%1.700%5.925%
Atchison County4.225%2.250%6.475%
Audrain County4.225%2.125%6.350%
Barry County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Barton County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Bates County4.225%1.000%5.225%
Benton County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Bollinger County4.225%1.625%5.850%
Boone County4.225%1.750%5.975%
Buchanan County4.225%1.600%5.825%
Butler County4.225%1.000%5.225%
Caldwell County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Callaway County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Camden County4.225%1.250%5.475%
Cape Girardeau County4.225%1.000%5.225%
Carroll County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Carter County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Cass County4.225%1.625%5.850%
Cedar County4.225%2.250%6.475%
Chariton County4.225%1.875%6.100%
Christian County4.225%1.750%5.975%
Clark County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Clay County4.225%1.250%5.475%
Clinton County4.225%1.000%5.225%
Cole County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Cooper County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Crawford County4.225%2.375%6.600%
Dade County4.225%2.250%6.475%
Dallas County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Daviess County4.225%2.000%6.225%
DeKalb County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Dent County4.225%2.250%6.475%
Douglas County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Dunklin County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Franklin County4.225%2.250%6.475%
Gasconade County4.225%1.375%5.600%
Gentry County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Greene County4.225%1.750%5.975%
Grundy County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Harrison County4.225%1.250%5.475%
Henry County4.225%1.450%5.675%
Hickory County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Holt County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Howard County4.225%2.625%6.850%
Howell County4.225%1.437%5.662%
Iron County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Jackson County4.225%1.375%5.600%
Jasper County4.225%1.225%5.450%
Jefferson County4.225%2.125%6.350%
Johnson County4.225%2.750%6.975%
Knox County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Laclede County4.225%1.188%5.413%
Lafayette County4.225%1.625%5.850%
Lawrence County4.225%2.125%6.350%
Lewis County4.225%3.125%7.350%
Lincoln County4.225%2.750%6.975%
Linn County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Livingston County4.225%1.250%5.475%
Macon County4.225%2.125%6.350%
Madison County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Maries County4.225%1.666%5.891%
Marion County4.225%1.875%6.100%
McDonald County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Mercer County4.225%2.250%6.475%
Miller County4.225%1.000%5.225%
Mississippi County4.225%1.750%5.975%
Moniteau County4.225%2.250%6.475%
Monroe County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Montgomery County4.225%2.250%6.475%
Morgan County4.225%1.500%5.725%
New Madrid County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Newton County4.225%1.125%5.350%
Nodaway County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Oregon County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Osage County4.225%2.250%6.475%
Ozark County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Pemiscot County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Perry County4.225%1.875%6.100%
Pettis County4.225%1.000%5.225%
Phelps County4.225%1.125%5.350%
Pike County4.225%2.562%6.787%
Platte County4.225%1.375%5.600%
Polk County4.225%1.375%5.600%
Pulaski County4.225%1.250%5.475%
Putnam County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Ralls County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Randolph County4.225%2.250%6.475%
Ray County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Reynolds County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Ripley County4.225%1.000%5.225%
Saint Charles County4.225%1.725%5.950%
Saint Clair County4.225%0.500%4.725%
Saint Francois County4.225%2.125%6.350%
Saint Louis County4.225%3.513%7.738%
Sainte Genevieve County4.225%0.000%4.225%
Saline County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Schuyler County4.225%2.000%6.225%
Scotland County4.225%1.250%5.475%
Scott County4.225%1.000%5.225%
Shannon County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Shelby County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Ste. Genevieve County4.225%3.000%7.225%
Stoddard County4.225%2.188%6.413%
Stone County4.225%1.750%5.975%
Sullivan County4.225%2.750%6.975%
Taney County4.225%1.875%6.100%
Texas County4.225%1.875%6.100%
Vernon County4.225%1.000%5.225%
Warren County4.225%2.500%6.725%
Washington County4.225%3.000%7.225%
Wayne County4.225%1.500%5.725%
Webster County4.225%2.083%6.308%
Worth County4.225%2.375%6.600%
Wright County4.225%1.875%6.100%
CityState RateCounty + City RateTotal Sales Tax
Blue Springs4.225%5.375%9.600%
Cape Girardeau4.225%3.750%7.975%
East Independence4.225%1.375%5.600%
Jefferson City4.225%3.500%7.725%
Kansas City4.225%4.375%8.600%
Lees Summit4.225%3.625%7.850%
Maryland Heights4.225%4.013%8.238%
Saint Charles4.225%3.725%7.950%
Saint Joseph4.225%4.475%8.700%
Saint Louis4.225%5.454%9.679%
Saint Peters4.225%3.725%7.950%
University City4.225%5.013%9.238%

There are two statewide sales tax holidays in Missouri every year. During those holidays, specific items can be purchased without having to pay the state sales tax. Some cities opt out of the holiday and still charge local sales tax. The “Back to School” sales tax holiday begins on the first Friday in August and runs through the weekend, with exemptions for clothing items costing up to $100, school supplies costing up to $50, computer software up to $350 and personal computers up to $1,500.

The other sales tax holiday is the “Show-Me Green” holiday. It applies to certain Energy Star appliances, including washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and stoves, all up to $1,500 per appliance. The “Show-Me Green” sales tax holiday lasts for seven days in April.

Most food that can be purchased at a grocery store is taxed at a reduced rate, generally 3% less than the rates listed above. (Missouri charges a state sales tax of just 1.225% on groceries.) Those reduced rates, however, do not apply to prepared food, as you would purchase at a restaurant or cafeteria.

Missouri Property Tax

Homeowners in Missouri pay property taxes on their real estate, with rates varying depending on location and the type of property. The average effective rate for the entire state is 0.93%, which ranks 23rd among all U.S. states. St. Louis County has the state’s highest effective property rates, at 1.38%, while Shannon County has the lowest at just 0.35%.

Seniors and disabled persons in Missouri may claim a property tax credit on their tax return. The credit depends on household income and total taxes paid. It is worth up to $1,100 for homeowners and $750 for renters.

If you’re looking to buy a home in the Show Me State, head to our mortgage guide page, where you will find all the essential details about mortgages in Missouri.

Missouri Cigarette Tax

Missouri has the lowest cigarette tax of any state in the country, at just 17 cents per pack of 20. That tax rate hasn't changed since 1993.

Missouri Estate Tax

There is no estate tax in the state of Missouri.

Missouri Gas Tax

The state gasoline tax in Missouri is 17.00 cents per gallon of regular gasoline and diesel. That is one of the lowest gas taxes in the country.

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  • Missouri is the only state that has two Federal Reserve Banks. One is in Kansas City and the other is in St. Louis.
  • The highest point in Missouri is Taum Sauk Mountain at 1,772 feet. It is in the Saint Francois Mountains.