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5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

You could marry the love of your life when the temperature rises above 70 degrees. Or you could plan to say your vows in the dead of winter. If you’re a fan of sunshine and warm weather, you might think twice about getting hitched when there’s snow on the ground. But there are several reasons why throwing a winter wedding could be better in terms of planning and budgeting.

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1. It’s Easier to Book Vendors in the Winter

Most couples get married in late spring, early fall or sometime in the summer. A winter wedding is out of season. So if you tie the knot between December and the beginning of March, there will be fewer couples to compete with.

That means it’ll be easier to book a reception hall and find vendors to provide your food, cake and flowers. You’ll be able to plan the wedding of your dreams without having to wait three years for an opening at the venue you have your heart set on.

2. You’ll Have More Control Over the Uncontrollable

5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

No matter how much time you put into planning your wedding, there are certain things you can’t control. Take the weather for instance. You could plan an outdoor wedding based on the assumption that it’ll be sunny and dry, only to find out later that there’s a 100% chance of rain.

Anyone who wants to get married in the winter will likely have the ceremony and the reception inside. The weather won’t be as much of an issue. And if your florist or someone else has to cancel, you’ll probably be able to find a replacement more quickly since there will be fewer weddings happening at the same time.

3. Winter Weddings Are Usually Cheaper

Business tends to be slower for wedding planners and vendors in the winter. Weddings typically cost couples over $30,000, but those who wait until it’s cold to jump the broom will likely be able to score some major discounts on wedding expenses. Or at the very least, they’ll be in a better position to negotiate and bring down some of the costs.

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Winter weddings can be cheaper for your family members and friends as well. If your family gets together every year to celebrate Thanksgiving or one of the other winter holidays, it might make sense to get married at a time when everyone’s already going to be in town. Buying a single plane ticket for a trip in November or December will cost a lot less than buying one ticket for a summer wedding and another ticket for holiday travel.

4. They’re More Convenient for Guests

Winter weddings can also be better for guests who can’t afford to take off extra time from work. Because summer is a popular time for vacations, the folks who would like to attend your wedding might not be able to do so if they’ve run out of vacation days in June or July.

The fact that other weddings could be taking place in the spring or summer might be another good reason to plan a winter wedding. Forcing your guests to choose between your ceremony and another relative’s wedding could be awkward. With a winter wedding, there will likely be fewer scheduling conflicts for everyone involved.

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5. Winter Weddings Are More Memorable

5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings stand out. Someone who’s attended three or four weddings in the spring and summer probably won’t remember how one differed from any of the others. A wedding that’s held during the winter, however, will likely be difficult to forget, particularly if it happens near a holiday like New Years or Valentine’s Day.

Couples who wed in the winter can play around with seasonal decorations, colors and styles. A bride who would have otherwise had to settle for a sleeveless dress can surprise her guests by wearing a long-sleeved gown or a fashionable dress with winter accessories. Plus, snow-topped trees and shrubs can serve as a romantic backdrop for wedding photos.

The Takeaway

Engaged couples might want to consider having a winter wedding. It should be easier to avoid overspending if you take the plunge outside of the spring and summer months. Planning the wedding and nabbing the best vendors will be easier, too.

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