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How to Reduce Moving Costs


By:  Ankita Dewan

The thought of living in your new home creates anticipation and excitement. The thought of moving in? Not so much. While the process does require time and effort, it doesn’t need to break the bank. Moving costs can be a source of stress, but there are many ways to reduce this expense.

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Do It Yourself

First things first, how do you plan on moving? Do you want to hire a moving service or can you handle it on your own? Movers cost a considerable amount of money, and it will always be cheaper to do the move on your own. Sure, you’ll be lifting boxes and carrying heavy things up the stairs, but you’ll save money (and maybe even drop a couple of pounds). If you’re comfortable with driving a large vehicle, renting a U-Haul is probably your best option.

If you decide to move yourself and could use some help, don’t hesitate to check out CraigsList for individuals who provide moving services. Plenty of people post ads for such services, and the services usually don’t cost much. If you’re uncomfortable with this method, try to think of friends or family who might help you out. If you know any friends or family members with high school kids, offer them some cash for helping you out.

The Best Time to Hire a Mover

However, if you are set on hiring a service, there are a few different things to consider. Firstly, when are you planning on moving? It turns out you’ll probably get the best rates in the summertime. If you’re moving during a different season, see if you can arrange your move so it falls between May and September. Next, you should get estimates from different companies before making your decision.

Also, it’s important to see what services they offer. For example, many companies offer a full service move or a do-it-yourself service move. If you’re fine with the lifting but not keen on transporting everything, the do-it-yourself option is perfect for you. Aside from that, check out their insurance policies, in case you have items that are more valuable to you. While it is important to save money when you’re spending on moving, it’s also important to save any expensive items from damage. Keep that in mind when hiring a company to move for you.

Create a Budget

After deciding your method for moving, create a budget for yourself. If you’re hiring movers, that budget will be much more fixed and attainable. If you’re moving yourself, be realistic and keep track of everything. Keep track of the price of the rental vehicle, gas, and any other costs associated with transportation. If you’re paying somebody to help you, write down that cost as well. If you’re getting rid of things before you leave, think of how much it will cost to replace them when you arrive at your new home. These are all things you should account for, or you might feel disappointed when you are faced with unexpected expenses.

Save Money on Boxes

Now, when it comes to packing, is it a good idea to go and buy containers for your things? After working in retail, I can assure you there is no shortage of free cardboard boxes. Most of ours got broken down and were taken to the nearest garbage dump near our store. That being said, don’t be afraid to ask store owners if they have any boxes they are willing to give you, they will be more than happy to give them to you. It may be wise to find out when the store you choose gets their shipment. Let them know you’ll grab the boxes once they complete their shipment, and they can set aside as many boxes as you need.

Now, you have the boxes, but who thought you would find so many things tucked away to pack? Well, if you didn’t know it was there, you may not even need it. Don’t be afraid to leave things behind. A new home also signals new decor, so try to let go of the things you’re emotionally attached to. If it’s going to disappear in your new home the way it did in this one, chances are you don’t actually need it. Getting rid of things doesn’t mean you need to throw them away! There are profitable and charitable ways of getting rid of your things. You can turn to yard sales, consignment stores, and charities. Whatever you choose, you’ll be glad you aren’t spending hours find space to stuff useless items.

Don’t Forget to Deduct These Expenses

If you’re moving for work and all of your relocation costs aren’t being covered, see if your company offers a standard coverage for moving. Even if they don’t cover all of your costs, some companies offer a standard amount they offer to employees. While the standard amount may not cover everything, it sure is better than nothing. With that being said, look into every possible option when moving. Most importantly, make a plan–planning is the first step to an affordable move.

This article was written by: Ankita Dewan

Photo Credit: flickr