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Quick and Dirty Credit Repair


The old saying “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” was not created with your credit score in mind. Unless you have perfect credit (which you probably don’t), your credit score can always be improved. Why? Because everything related to your personal finances revolves around these three little numbers.

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How big or how small these three numbers are can make or break a mortgage application, generate thousands of dollars in interest fees, or keeping you from reaping the benefits of the best credit cards.  Though there are some upstart alternatives like Vantage 3.0, the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) score remains the single most important credit score.

There’s a reason why FICO is still the gold standard, it takes into consideration a number of important factors related to your finances, throws them in a blender and churns out a number. That number is the best representation of your financial responsibility, or lack there of. If you’re in the latter camp due to unemployment, crushing student loans, or severe credit card debt it’s a lot easier than you think to start repairing your credit.

Source: Cashnetusa