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Jaclyn DeJohn

Jaclyn is Managing Editor of Economic Analysis at SmartAsset. With a bachelor of arts in economics from The College of New Jersey, she evaluates data for trends that affect your financial life. As a spokesperson for SmartAsset, she has been cited by Bloomberg, CNBC, Business Insider, Fox News, The Hill and many more. Jaclyn was previously an editor for CNET Money, where she covered banking, investing, credit cards and real estate. She also served as managing editor of small business content for Bizfluent, Work.Chron and AZCentral, and as a research consultant for NAPCO Media. As a past real estate licensee and Reatlor®, Jaclyn managed contracts for residential properties, while working closely with first-time homebuyers, investors and mortgage brokers.

Posts by Jaclyn DeJohn

Data Studies

Gas Prices Decline Nearly 20% in Some States, Stay High in Others – 2023 Study

Gas prices have been on the decline since their all-time high in summer 2022. While the average last summer across the U.S. hit a record $5.00 per gallon, the current average has come down to $3.27 per gallon. But in some states, high prices have been more stubborn than in others. Demand, state legislation, transport… Read more…

Data Studies

Where Gen Z Is Moving – 2023 Study

Gen Z is young, with many still under age 18. For those 18-24, many are moving for college, to start their career or to explore life in a new place. While this cohort may not have the disposable income of their older counterparts, their movement still plays an important role in local economies. An asymmetrical… Read more…

Data Studies

Where Gen X Is Moving – 2023 Study

As Gen X prepares to send kids to college and inches closer to retirement, this age group has had time to see compound interest grow their investments while advancing their careers. This means an individual Gen Xer may have an outsized impact on local economies than their younger cohorts, despite generally being less mobile. Keeping… Read more…

Data Studies

Where Millennials Are Moving – 2023 Study

One in four millennials moved to a different city in 2022. Whether they come from within the same county, state, out-of-state or abroad, these migrations can impact local small businesses, housing markets and social dynamics. With this in mind, SmartAsset set out to determine where millennials are moving to most. Millennials were defined as people… Read more…

Data Studies

Cities Where Population Has Decreased the Most – 2023 Study

When a city’s population declines – whether birth rates go down, deaths increase, or people simply move to another area – it can affect the housing market, small businesses, employment and other factors. Paying attention to demographic changes can help residents, governments and businesses understand new trends and inform how to best position themselves. With… Read more…


Save More in Your 401(k) or IRA in 2024: IRS Announces New Contribution Limits Up to $23,000

Contribution limits for 401(k)s, IRAs and other retirement accounts are going up in 2024.  The IRS, which regulates annual contribution limits on qualified and tax-advantaged retirement accounts, announced the 2024 contribution limits for various plans on Wednesday. A contribution limit demarcates the amount an employee can contribute to their respective retirement plan in a given… Read more…

Data Studies

Cities Where Population Grew the Most Over Five Years – 2023 Study

This story was last updated November 3, 2023. Population growth can have a ripple effect throughout a local economy. As people move into an area and families grow, demand on housing, local businesses and infrastructure can be unexpectedly impacted. Examining shifts in populations and their dynamics can help residents understand the greater economic picture and… Read more…

Data Studies

Where Income Increased Most Year Over Year – 2023 Study

When income goes up, it can lessen the burden of inflation and even outpace it. The Consumer Price Index, which measures the average change in prices over time, jumped roughly 13.5% in 24 months from 2021 to 2022. But the median income across major U.S. cities over the same time period only went up 8.1%,… Read more…

Financial Advisor

7 Major Financial Checkpoints: How Do You Stack Up?

When it comes to financial plans, your assets, cash flows and debts all influence the path toward your goals. While talking to a financial advisor can help you establish a comprehensive plan to reach your goals, you can use basic rules of thumb to gauge your current financial position. 1. Housing Ratio (Monthly housing costs)/(Monthly… Read more…

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Data Studies

Where Real Estate Taxes Are Highest – 2023 Study

Whether an individual or family is just starting out as a first-time homebuyer, or retirees are paying off their retirement home, real estate taxes will be a required ongoing housing cost. This money is used to cover municipal costs, local infrastructure and other amenities. Local tax abatements and homestead exemptions may help homeowners with some… Read more…