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Amelia Xu

Amelia Xu has a degree in Economics from Princeton University. She is an expert in investing and taxes. Amelia is a Long Island native.

Posts by Amelia Xu

What are Commodities
Investing for Beginners

What Are Commodities?

Deciding where to invest your extra money can be tough when there are so many different investment products to choose from. If you’re wondering what a commodity is and how it’s traded as a financial investment, you’ve come to the right place. Here we have a comprehensive guide for you about commodities and the role they… read more…

What Is a Hedge Fund?
Investing for Beginners

What Is a Hedge Fund?

If you’re not an experienced investor or you don’t work in the finance industry, the term “hedge fund” may go right over your head or get mixed up with other terms like private equity and venture capital. A hedge fund… read more…

Fed Interest Rate Hike
Personal Finance

Everything You Should Know About a Fed Interest Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve, facing surging inflation it once dismissed as “transitory,” has hiked a key interest rate by a half percentage point – a move the U.S. central bank has not made for more than two decades. The interest rate hike, along with the Fed’s announcement of plans to shrink its bloated balance sheet, takes… read more…

5 Ways the Weather Affects the Economy

5 Ways the Weather Affects the Economy

There are some who rejoice in the eerie calm of a storm and there are others who rush for shelter. Regardless of one’s personal views, there is no doubt that extreme weather can have profound effects on local, state and national economies. Are these… read more…