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Illinois Income Tax Calculator

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Overview of Illinois Taxes

Illinois has a flat income tax that features a 4.95% rate. This means that no matter how much money you make, you pay that same rate. Sales and property taxes in Illinois are among the highest in the nation.

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Taxes in Illinois

Illinois State Tax Quick Facts 

  • Income tax: 4.95% flat rate
  • Sales tax: 6.25% - 11%
  • Property tax: 2.16% average effective rate
  • Gas tax: 39.2 cents per gallon of regular gasoline, 46.7 cents per gallon of diesel

The state of Illinois has a flat income tax, which means that everyone, regardless of income, is taxed at the same rate. That makes it relatively easy to predict the income tax you will have to pay. The income tax rate in Illinois is 4.95%, after an increase from 3.75% in 2017. Illinois also has higher-than-average sales taxes and property taxes.

A financial advisor in Illinois can help you understand how taxes fit into your overall financial goals. Financial advisors can also help with investing and financial plans, including retirement, homeownership, insurance and more, to make sure you are preparing for the future.

Illinois Income Taxes

The income tax system in Illinois emphasizes simplicity. The state’s flat rate of 4.95% means that you don’t need any tables to figure out what rate you will be paying. Also, the system’s heavy reliance on the federal tax code means you won’t need to learn a new set of rules for filing your state return. On the other hand, the flat rate does have drawbacks: Low earners can expect to pay more in Illinois than in many other states that have a progressive income tax.

When filing an income tax return in Illinois, taxpayers begin with their federal adjusted gross income (AGI, or taxable income, is income minus certain deductions). From there, certain items may be added back in, and others may be subtracted. Among the most important items that are taxable federally but not in Illinois are retirement and Social Security income, as well as distributions from a 529 college savings plan.

Illinois Tax Credits

There are several important tax credits in Illinois. These reduce a taxpayer’s total tax bill by some amount, which is in contrast to tax deductions, which only reduce a taxpayer’s taxable income. For example, the Illinois Property Tax Credit is equal to 5% of Illinois property tax paid on a principal residence. If you paid $1,000 in property taxes in 2021, you could claim a credit of $50 on your income tax return, which equates to $50 less that you end up paying in taxes.

The Earned Income Tax Credit is currently 18% of the federal credit by the same name. The Education Expense Credit provides a credit to parents who spent over $250 on eligible K-12 education expenses.

Illinois Sales Tax

As simple as Illinois tries to make income tax, the state seems to take the opposite approach with sales taxes. There are three rate structures depending on what you are buying. The three categories are qualifying food and drugs, vehicles and general merchandise.

Food, drugs and medical appliances are all subject to a statewide tax rate of 1% of purchase price, in addition to local taxes of up to 1.25%, for a total tax of up to 2.25%. There are some food items that don’t count as a qualifying food. For example, candy and soda are generally subject to the higher “general merchandise” rate, but any candy containing flour is not, for sales tax purposes, classified as candy.

Vehicles also have their own tax rate. In general, the rate ranges from 6.25% to over 8.50%, depending on where the vehicle is purchased. Owner-to-owner sales, however, are subject to a lower rate, which depends on the price of the vehicle and, in some situations, the model year.

The general merchandise sales tax applies to almost all other products purchased for use in Illinois. The base rate is 6.25%. However most areas have additional local taxes between 1% and 4.75%. The highest combined sales tax in Illinois is 11% in the city of River Grove, and Chicago’s top sales tax rate is 10.25%.

Below is a table of the general merchandise sales tax rates for all of the counties in Illinois and the largest cities.

Sales Tax Rates(Updated January 2022)

CountyState RateCounty RateTotal Sales Tax
Adams County6.25%0.25%6.50%
Alexander County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Bond County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Boone County6.25%1.50%7.75%
Brown County6.25%1.25%7.50%
Bureau County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Calhoun County6.25%1.75%8.00%
Carroll County6.25%0.25%6.50%
Cass County6.25%2.00%8.25%
Champaign County6.25%1.25%7.50%
Christian County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Clark County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Clay County6.25%0.50%6.75%
Clinton County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Coles County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Cook County6.25%2.75%9.00%
Crawford County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Cumberland County6.25%1.00%7.25%
De Witt County6.25%0.00%6.25%
DeKalb County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Douglas County6.25%1.00%7.25%
DuPage County6.25%0.75%7.00%
Edgar County6.25%2.00%8.25%
Edwards County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Effingham County6.25%0.25%6.50%
Fayette County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Ford County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Franklin County6.25%2.00%8.25%
Fulton County6.25%1.50%7.75%
Gallatin County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Greene County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Hardin County6.25%2.00%8.25%
Henderson County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Henry County6.25%1.50%7.75%
Iroquois County6.25%0.25%6.50%
Jackson County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Jasper County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Jefferson County6.25%0.50%6.75%
Jersey County6.25%1.75%8.00%
Jo Daviess County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Johnson County6.25%1.50%7.75%
Kane County6.25%0.75%7.00%
Kankakee County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Kendall County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Knox County6.25%1.50%7.75%
Lake County6.25%0.75%7.00%
Livingston County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Logan County6.25%2.00%8.25%
Macon County6.25%1.50%7.75%
Macoupin County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Madison County6.25%0.60%6.85%
Marion County6.25%1.25%7.50%
Marshall County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Mason County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Massac County6.25%0.00%6.25%
McDonough County6.25%1.75%8.00%
McHenry County6.25%0.75%7.00%
McLean County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Menard County6.25%2.00%8.25%
Mercer County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Monroe County6.25%1.25%7.50%
Montgomery County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Morgan County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Moultrie County6.25%0.50%6.75%
Ogle County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Peoria County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Perry County6.25%1.50%7.75%
Piatt County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Pike County6.25%1.50%7.75%
Pope County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Pulaski County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Putnam County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Randolph County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Richland County6.25%1.50%7.75%
Rock Island County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Saint Clair County6.25%1.10%7.35%
Saline County6.25%1.75%8.00%
Sangamon County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Schuyler County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Scott County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Shelby County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Stark County6.25%1.25%7.50%
Stephenson County6.25%0.50%6.75%
Tazewell County6.25%0.50%6.75%
Union County6.25%2.25%8.50%
Vermilion County6.25%0.25%6.50%
Wabash County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Warren County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Washington County6.25%0.00%6.25%
Wayne County6.25%0.75%7.00%
White County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Whiteside County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Will County6.25%0.75%7.00%
Williamson County6.25%1.00%7.25%
Winnebago County6.25%1.50%7.75%
Woodford County6.25%2.00%8.25%
White County6.250%1.000%7.250%
Whiteside County6.250%1.000%7.250%
Will County6.250%0.750%7.000%
Williamson County6.250%1.000%7.250%
Winnebago County6.250%1.500%7.750%
Woodford County6.250%2.000%8.250%
CityState RateCounty + City RateTotal Sales Tax
Arlington Heights6.25%1.00%7.25%
Des Plaines6.25%3.75%10.00%
Hoffman Estates6.25%3.75%10.00%
Mount Prospect6.25%3.75%10.00%
North Peoria6.25%1.00%7.25%
Oak Lawn6.25%3.50%9.75%
Oak Park6.25%3.75%10.00%
Orland Park6.25%3.50%9.75%
Tinley Park6.25%3.50%9.75%

Illinois Property Tax

The 2.16% average effective property tax rate in Illinois is second-highest in the nation, behind only New Jersey. That means that homeowners in the Prairie State on average pay 2.16% of their home value in property taxes.

Property taxes are collected by multiple local authorities: city governments, county governments, municipal transportation districts and even a collection of taxing authorities called “mosquito abatement districts,” which, as you might have guessed, kill mosquitoes. In total, there are almost 8,500 different authorities with the power to levy taxes in Illinois, more than in any other state.

Our Illinois mortgage rates guide has important information about mortgages in the Prairie State that will help make the process of getting a mortgage a bit easier – whether you’re looking to purchase a property or refinance.

Illinois Estate Tax

Illinois is one of 13 states with an estate tax. As of 2021, estates worth less than $4 million are exempt. Estates over that amount must file an Illinois estate tax return and face tax rates up to 16%. But not all estates that file a return will pay taxes. Certain tax deductions may reduce the taxable estate below the taxable limit, and property or assets left to the husband, wife or civil union partner or the decedent are not taxable.

Illinois Telecommunications Tax

The telecommunications tax is a tax on services including home phone lines, cell phones, television service and internet. It varies by location, but is generally about 7% of the price of service.

Illinois Gasoline Tax

The state of Illinois collects 39.2 cents for every gallon of regular gasoline. That is one of the highest in the nation. The diesel tax rate is also quite high at 46.7 cents per gallon.

Illinois Alcohol and Tobacco Tax

Illinois applies per-gallon alcohol excise taxes based on the alcohol content of the beverage being sold. Beer will generally be subject to a rate of 23 cents per gallon while liquor is subject to a rate of $8.55 per gallon. The cigarette excise tax in Illinois is $2.98 per pack of 20.

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  • Illinois is the home state of former U.S. president, Barack Obama.
  • Former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln owned and operated a bar in New Salem, Illinois, before entering politics.
  • “Illinois” is the French adaptation of an Algonquin word that means warriors.