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Overview of Georgia Taxes

In general, property taxes in Georgia are relatively low. The median real estate tax payment in Georgia is $1,771 per year, about $800 less than the national average. The average effective property tax rate in Georgia is 0.87%.

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Georgia Property Taxes

Photo credit: ©

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Georgia, it’s smart to get some idea of what your property taxes will be. In general, property taxes in the Peach State are relatively low. The median real estate tax payment in Georgia is $1,771 per year, which is around $800 less than the $2,578 national mark. The average effective property tax rate is 0.87%.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that property taxes in Georgia vary greatly between locations. In Fulton County, the median property tax payment is $2,901, one of the highest in the state. But in Treutlen County, the median property tax payment is just $571. Below, we’ll walk through how Georgia’s property tax system works and look at data on taxes in every Georgia county.

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A financial advisor in Georgia can help you understand how homeownership fits into your overall financial goals. Financial advisors can also help with investing and financial plans, including taxes, homeownership, retirement and more, to make sure you are preparing for the future.

Understanding Georgia Property Taxes

The amount of property taxes you pay in Georgia depends on the assessed value of your home, which is based on (but not equal to) your home’s market value. To determine assessed value, assessors in each county first appraise every home in the county in order to figure out the market value of each piece of real estate.

They typically do this through mass appraisals that determine the market value of a large number of homes based on factors such as property type and neighborhood. Once they determine the market value, they then apply the Georgia assessment ratio. Nearly every county and city in Georgia uses an assessment ratio of 40%. That means that if your home’s market value is $100,000, the assessed value is $40,000.

A small number of cities in Georgia use assessment ratios other than 40%, including Decatur, where the assessment ratio is 50%.

There are also a number of property tax exemptions in Georgia that can reduce your home's assessed value and, therefore, your taxes. These vary by county. The statewide exemption is $2,000, but it applies only to the statewide property tax, which is a relatively small slice of the overall property taxes in most areas.

Georgia Property Tax Rates

Property tax rates in Georgia can be described in mills, which are equal to $1 of taxes for every $1,000 in assessed value. In most counties, taxes for schools are the largest source of property taxes. They are typically between 15 and 20 mills.

Because millage rates apply to assessed value, which varies depending on the assessment ratio and the local exemptions offered, it can be difficult to compare millage rates between two locations. For an apples-to-apples comparison, it's useful to look at effective property tax rates. These are the median property taxes paid as a percentage of median home value. They give a good idea as to how much a new homeowner can expect to pay in property taxes.

The table below shows the average effective property tax rate, median annual real estate tax payment and median home value for every county in Georgia.

CountyMedian Home ValueMedian Annual Property Tax PaymentAverage Effective Property Tax Rate
Appling County$75,900$5440.72%
Atkinson County$60,100$5960.99%
Bacon County$73,000$7561.04%
Baker County$75,500$5870.78%
Baldwin County$112,500$9180.82%
Banks County$142,800$1,1220.79%
Barrow County$146,500$1,3020.89%
Bartow County$151,700$1,2030.79%
Ben Hill County$80,100$9041.13%
Berrien County$85,300$9131.07%
Bibb County$116,500$1,3741.18%
Bleckley County$97,900$1,0611.08%
Brantley County$68,200$1,0761.58%
Brooks County$96,900$1,1881.23%
Bryan County$211,800$1,8280.86%
Bulloch County$135,200$1,1210.83%
Burke County$87,900$7620.87%
Butts County$121,800$1,2521.03%
Calhoun County$49,000$6751.38%
Camden County$159,800$1,6191.01%
Candler County$91,200$1,0611.16%
Carroll County$130,200$1,0050.77%
Catoosa County$140,000$1,1690.84%
Charlton County$82,600$7490.91%
Chatham County$184,900$1,8821.02%
Chattahoochee County$69,000$7381.07%
Chattooga County$69,600$6000.86%
Cherokee County$234,300$1,7660.75%
Clarke County$163,700$1,6771.02%
Clay County$65,900$6791.03%
Clayton County$97,800$1,0321.06%
Clinch County$57,100$6861.20%
Cobb County$237,800$1,7150.72%
Coffee County$92,600$9140.99%
Colquitt County$83,200$8791.06%
Columbia County$192,200$1,9261.00%
Cook County$88,100$8931.01%
Coweta County$201,500$1,7510.87%
Crawford County$92,900$1,0491.13%
Crisp County$85,200$1,0091.18%
Dade County$126,700$6980.55%
Dawson County$215,500$1,6430.76%
Decatur County$109,700$1,2111.10%
DeKalb County$192,400$2,0541.07%
Dodge County$75,800$7100.94%
Dooly County$83,700$9211.10%
Dougherty County$103,900$1,4201.37%
Douglas County$153,100$1,4120.92%
Early County$81,700$8671.06%
Echols County$58,900$6671.13%
Effingham County$159,100$1,7441.10%
Elbert County$80,600$8061.00%
Emanuel County$74,100$7611.03%
Evans County$86,200$9351.08%
Fannin County$185,600$8240.44%
Fayette County$269,900$2,4750.92%
Floyd County$129,600$1,2420.96%
Forsyth County$321,000$2,4860.77%
Franklin County$106,200$9620.91%
Fulton County$290,400$2,9011.00%
Gilmer County$171,000$8640.51%
Glascock County$63,800$7171.12%
Glynn County$168,700$1,2320.73%
Gordon County$127,400$1,1300.89%
Grady County$112,500$1,1721.04%
Greene County$207,700$1,4270.69%
Gwinnett County$200,400$2,3931.19%
Habersham County$146,000$1,0780.74%
Hall County$183,200$1,5330.84%
Hancock County$79,800$8761.10%
Haralson County$116,900$1,2191.04%
Harris County$210,100$1,9400.92%
Hart County$126,900$9410.74%
Heard County$96,900$6970.72%
Henry County$165,900$1,7221.04%
Houston County$138,600$1,3720.99%
Irwin County$74,300$1,0201.37%
Jackson County$174,000$1,7050.98%
Jasper County$122,300$1,3291.09%
Jeff Davis County$76,500$7360.96%
Jefferson County$74,300$8961.21%
Jenkins County$66,500$7761.17%
Johnson County$66,700$7251.09%
Jones County$123,400$1,4341.16%
Lamar County$134,500$1,2890.96%
Lanier County$105,000$1,1801.12%
Laurens County$88,800$8851.00%
Lee County$153,000$1,7611.15%
Liberty County$121,500$1,6381.35%
Lincoln County$117,500$1,3251.13%
Long County$116,700$1,3791.18%
Lowndes County$135,100$1,2770.95%
Lumpkin County$181,600$1,3580.75%
McDuffie County$105,300$9800.93%
McIntosh County$120,300$1,0540.88%
Macon County$63,700$6981.10%
Madison County$126,800$1,2280.97%
Marion County$89,500$9991.12%
Meriwether County$98,000$1,1631.19%
Miller County$93,300$1,3731.47%
Mitchell County$86,200$1,2451.44%
Monroe County$163,800$1,3330.81%
Montgomery County$79,400$8061.02%
Morgan County$224,800$1,7990.80%
Murray County$100,200$6600.66%
Muscogee County$141,700$1,2990.92%
Newton County$139,900$1,3420.96%
Oconee County$268,100$2,0930.78%
Oglethorpe County$117,000$1,0280.88%
Paulding County$161,400$1,4900.92%
Peach County$128,600$1,4951.16%
Pickens County$185,700$1,5400.83%
Pierce County$98,800$9040.91%
Pike County$165,800$1,6551.00%
Polk County$105,400$1,0641.01%
Pulaski County$113,500$9490.84%
Putnam County$165,300$1,2000.73%
Quitman County$65,900$4780.73%
Rabun County$164,900$1,1120.67%
Randolph County$77,300$8691.12%
Richmond County$104,700$1,2141.16%
Rockdale County$157,100$1,0440.66%
Schley County$111,600$1,2171.09%
Screven County$77,000$8461.10%
Seminole County$89,500$1,0291.15%
Spalding County$122,300$1,5061.23%
Stephens County$94,300$9681.03%
Stewart County$50,900$5571.09%
Sumter County$90,300$1,4261.58%
Talbot County$80,000$7370.92%
Taliaferro County$67,100$9901.48%
Tattnall County$88,500$9691.09%
Taylor County$82,700$6990.85%
Telfair County$64,000$7091.11%
Terrell County$103,300$1,1191.08%
Thomas County$133,800$1,3641.02%
Tift County$118,900$1,3131.10%
Toombs County$95,500$8720.91%
Towns County$205,600$8720.42%
Treutlen County$70,900$5710.81%
Troup County$129,200$1,3051.01%
Turner County$74,000$1,0111.37%
Twiggs County$63,200$7991.26%
Union County$197,200$1,2290.62%
Upson County$87,200$8911.02%
Walker County$114,000$9420.83%
Walton County$175,500$1,5250.87%
Ware County$82,000$8631.05%
Warren County$61,300$7831.28%
Washington County$83,300$9541.15%
Wayne County$107,900$9230.86%
Webster County$60,800$7281.20%
Wheeler County$63,300$6491.03%
White County$166,100$1,3380.81%
Whitfield County$126,900$9730.77%
Wilcox County$68,200$6971.02%
Wilkes County$81,200$1,0671.31%
Wilkinson County$70,300$6560.93%
Worth County$85,600$9251.08%

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Fulton County

Home to most of the city of Atlanta and some other cities like Sandy Springs, Fulton County is the most populous county in Georgia. Homeowners in Fulton County pay the highest property taxes in dollar terms, with the median property tax payment equaling $2,901 per year. On the other hand, property tax rates in Fulton County are not especially high. The average effective tax rate is 1.00%, lower than the national average by 0.07%.

If you have questions about how property taxes can affect your overall financial plans, a financial advisor in Atlanta can help you out.

Gwinnett County

Located northeast of Atlanta is Gwinnett County. The county’s effective property tax rate is 1.19%, which comes in above both state and national averages.

Many homeowners in Gwinnett County may be able to reduce their property taxes by claiming property tax exemptions. For example, the homestead exemption is available on owner-occupied primary residences. It reduces the assessed value of a home by $10,000 for county taxes, $4,000 for school taxes and $7,000 for recreation taxes.

DeKalb County

DeKalb County contains about 10% of Atlanta's real estate, along with the city of Decatur. The typical homeowner in DeKalb County pays $2,054 annually in property taxes, which is higher than the $1,771 state average, but is still well below what homeowners pay in neighboring Fulton County.

Cobb County

With a population of around 750,000, Cobb County is one of the largest counties in Georgia. Property tax rates in Cobb County rank among the lowest in the state. The effective property tax rate is just 0.72%, well below the state average of 0.87%. At that rate, a homeowner whose home has a market value of $100,000 would pay just $720 annually in property taxes.

Chatham County

Chatham County sits on the Atlantic Coast and contains the city of Savannah. Property taxes in Chatham County are relatively low on a nationwide basis, but they're a bit pricier than the Georgia state average. The median property tax payment here is $1,882, which is almost $700 cheaper than the $2,578 national average.

Clayton County

Photo credit: ©

Clayton County is a mostly suburban area that sits south of the city of Atlanta. The median home value in Clayton County is $97,800, significantly lower than the median values in other Atlanta-area counties like Fulton and DeKalb.

That means property tax payments are also generally lower, though. In fact, the county has a median annual payment of just $1,032.

However, effective tax rates in Clayton County don't follow the same pattern, as they currently stand at 1.06%.

Cherokee County

The average effective property tax rate in Cherokee County is just 0.75%, lower than the rate in most other Georgia counties. Cherokee County offers a number of property tax exemptions to reduce the tax burden on some homeowners. There are exemptions available to elderly people, including the double homestead exemption. For eligible homeowners, this reduces the assessed value of a home by $5,000 for county taxes and $166,560 for school taxes.

Henry County

Henry County is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area and has a population of more than 220,000 residents. The average effective property tax rate in Henry County is 1.04%, higher than most Georgia counties.

Richmond County

Richmond County is virtually synonymous with the city of Augusta, as it's often referred to as Augusta-Richmond County or Augusta. Property tax payments in the county are relatively low, but tax rates are high. The typical homeowner in Richmond County pays a reasonable $1,214 in property taxes annually, but that makes the effective tax rate a fairly expensive 1.16%.

Muscogee County

Of the 159 counties in Georgia, property tax rates in Muscogee County are sit about in the middle. The average effective tax rate is 0.92%. The median property tax payment in Muscogee County is $1,299.