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IRS Delays New $600 Reporting Rule for Gig Workers and Online Sellers to 2024: Here’s What You Need to Know


Here in the thick of tax season, those who earn money from freelance work and side-hustles may be wondering what obligations they have to report their income formally to the IRS. Well, in late December 2022, the IRS actually delayed its plans for millions of the country’s gig workers to report their income that reached $600 or more to be subject to tax until 2024.  We’ll discuss what when this means for workers and how it needs to be reported.

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IRS Delays Reporting $600 on 1099-k Forms Until 2024

2023 was initially the first tax year that IRS Form 1099-K would have had to be submitted on the part of anyone who takes in more than $600 from eBay, Etsy, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and other platforms and services. Before 2022, the requirement for reporting was $20,000 or 200 transactions.

But the IRS has delayed the new rule until 2024 to give businesses more time to prepare. The new rule for 2024 is projected to raise $8.4 billion in 10 years. And it was part of the COVID-19-inspired American Rescue Plan passed in 2021.

Online Sellers Don’t Agree With IRS’ New Requirement

SmartAsset: IRS delays $600 reporting rule in 1099k forms for gig workers and online sellers to 2024

A collection of seller platforms, including PayPal, OfferUp, Reverb, Poshmark and the parent company of Square, has organized the Coalition for 1099-K Fairness to opposing the new requirement. The coalition charges that the requirement will hurt struggling people using the apps to get by in hard times. But it makes no mention of the compliance costs those platforms will face.

“The new reporting threshold of only $600 means that Americans who sell only used goods and owe no taxes will now get confusing IRS forms,” the coalition says in a statement at “And many will be forced to consult costly tax experts when they normally handle their own returns or risk overpaying on their taxes.”

IRS’ New Requirement Isn’t Foreign Territory for Some Workers

1099 reporting might be new to gig workers and those running side hustles. But independent contractors, freelancers and other self-employed workers have been receiving their own 1099-MISC forms for years. And it’s often for less than $600. The IRS also considers gambling winnings and money from prizes, contests and awards to be reportable income, along with the value of bartered goods.

The IRS also requires various 1099 forms for bank interest paid. That includes (1099-INT), stock dividends (1099-DIV), canceled debt (1099-C), retirement plans (1099-R) and even state and local tax refunds as well as unemployment benefits (1099-G).

Just because someone received a 1099-K doesn’t mean the person is required to file a federal tax return. The average U.S. taxpayer doesn’t need to deal with the tax man until he or she has earned $12,550 for a single filer, or $25,100 for a couple. That rises to $14,250 for those older than 65, or $27,000 for a couple.

Bottom Line

SmartAsset: IRS delays $600 reporting rule in 1099k forms for gig workers and online sellers to 2024

If you are working as a freelancer, gig worker or side hustler, don’t panic in 2023. The IRS extended more time for workers and online businesses to report income on 1099-k form to 2024. The Coalition for 1099-k fairness is looking fighting the IRS’ plans to report income of $600 or more. There’s a belief from major online businesses that IRS’ plans bring an unnecessary tax burden on them as well as workers.

Tax Tips for Side Jobs

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