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SmartAsset Editorial Policy

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Published on Jan. 12, 2022

SmartAsset’s mission is to provide accurate, reliable and objective personal finance advice. We empower people to make smart financial decisions by providing innovative tools and comprehensive content to help users find the answers to their financial questions. We also match people with professional advisors for more in-depth guidance on how to navigate the path toward their financial goals. To achieve this, it’s imperative that our tools, content and recommendations are based on sound, objective research.

This mission translates into the following editorial principles:

  • Accuracy. SmartAsset strives to provide the most up-to-date information to our users, based on thorough fact-checking and periodic content updates.
  • Trustworthiness. All editorial content is created by SmartAsset editorial staff and independent contractors under its supervision, and reflects the writer’s thorough research and careful assessment of facts.
  • Expertise. We base all recommendations, reviews and comparisons on comprehensive research and data analysis.
  • Objectivity. Our research and recommendations are unbiased, without consideration of compensation from advertisers. We maintain editorial integrity when evaluating products and clearly label any partner, sponsored or advertising content and placements.
  • Independence. Our journalists, and the editorial decisions they make, are separate from our business operations. We make editorial choices independently of financial impact, and we do not alter content to promote partners' products or at the request of partners (except to correct factual inaccuracies). Our writers are not in contact with any advertiser or card issuer before or during the writing of our editorial content (except for research purposes or for requesting interviews for quotations), nor are they directly compensated based on the success of any affiliate links. Any editorial decisions to use assessment language (“best,” “top,” etc.) or visual cues are the result of methodology that we determine separately from our partner and advertiser relationships.