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Common Knowledge on Credit Scores


Recently, VantageScore Solutions and the Consumer Federation of American conducted a survey to find out how many people were knowledgeable when it came to credit scores and their affects on finances. The majority of people knew what a credit score was all about, how to increase it, and that they needed to pay on time to maintain reputable credit. There were some aspects of the in’s and out’s of credit scores however, that left some scratching their heads. Here is a summary of the major facts people were unaware of.

Find out now: How does my credit score affect my ability to get a loan?

According to SmartCredit:

40% believed that age and marital status had an impact on credit scores, although this is incorrect
More than half did not know that cell phone companies, utility providers, and landlords use credit scores to determine factors like rates, deposits, approvals, and down payments
80% did not correctly estimate the impact a low score could have on auto loans. The Consumer Federation of American noted that those with low scores could pay a significantly higher interest rate
Only 37% felt that credit reporting agencies were helpful in correcting report errors and improving scores

If you find yourself feeling like you belong in any of the above statistics, SmartAsset may be able to help you out with some of these issues. We put assembled a series of tips and resources to help you become a credit guru.

What is Credit?

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How Do I Prevent a Bad Credit Score?

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What Is a Good Credit Score Worth?

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Does Medical Debt Affect My Score?

There is plenty of talk on the effects medical debt is having on the economy. But what affect does medical debt have on your credit? This post will help you figure out how your credit and medical debt affect one another.

We’ve Got Your Back

Many questions about credit scores arise and need answering before you make the smartest decision regarding your spending, investing, and saving. Luckily, SmartAsset has gathered the above information and much more when it comes to credit (and all matters of personal finance).