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Kirsten Jadoo

Home Buying, Budget and Credit Expert

Kirsten Jadoo is a writer and voracious reader. She is an expert in home buying, credit and budgeting. Kristin's passions for food and travel leave her in constant search of creative ways to make and save more money.

Posts by Kirsten Jadoo:

by Kirsten Jadoo Dec 02, 2016

We often give up on our travel aspirations because of money. These days, with the price of flights and hotels, many feel traveling has become an option only for the wealthy. Road trips, however, offer an antidote. Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Jul 09, 2018

The idea of a road trip is a romantic one. To be sure, road trips can be exciting, adventurous, and an ideal type of travel for solo, group, and family excursions. At some point though, scenery is going to lose some of its pull, the car is going to get hot, backs will ache, and boredom will threaten to kill any remaining buzz. Music and snacks are a must, and so are a few games to whittle away at some of those hours of highway stuck behind a cow trailer. Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Nov 06, 2017

The holiday season is upon us. And with it, holiday travel. Whether you have to fly across the state or the country, it’s nice to see family but not always fun to get there. Large crowds, inflated ticket prices and tons of Christmas music – it can be a headache. And even worse when see that dreaded word, ‘delayed’ once you get to the airport. SmartAsset has you covered. Brush up on your passenger rights, and enjoy every bit of that well-deserved time off. Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Apr 21, 2016

Millions of people fly over the holidays and particularly during the week of the Thanksgiving holiday. If that’s one of your Thanksgiving traditions, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for the… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Mar 23, 2016

Rich, poor, or somewhere in between: every class of society enjoys a drink or two. Unfortunately, drinking well typically requires one to spend near-exorbitant (and sometimes downright flashy)… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Mar 22, 2016

$470 billion dollars. Can you even wrap your head around this planet-sized number? Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Sep 20, 2016

Everyone’s talking about weddings.  Well, really they’re talking about wedding dollars. Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Jan 02, 2015

How often have you seen this scenario? You budget at the beginning of the month, you know exactly how much you have to spend on bills, necessities, and fun. Yet at the end of the month, you are left… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Jan 02, 2015

If the government shutdown isn’t enough to convince you just how interwoven health care and finances are, nothing will. You can keep your own budget from shutting down in the face of health concerns,… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Jan 02, 2015

The arrival of autumn doesn’t mean you have to stop making vacation plans; in fact, the fall is one of the best seasons for fun. Summer crowds have come and gone. Landscapes are transforming with the… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Jan 12, 2017

It’s that coveted time of the year: the air gets crisp, your favorite hoodie comes out of retirement, and your inner-friend-circle football team rivals begin to heat up. After you’ve purchased that… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Apr 16, 2015

Everyone has been talking about how crazy expensive it is to live in cities like New York and London. Housing prices are such that many have considered the (actually cheaper!) option of castles or… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Feb 12, 2020

Handling your money is a personal endeavor. You are the person in control of what you spend on and how much you allocate to your expenses. The amount of pressure and responsibility is part of what… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Mar 14, 2018

In 2009, the American Journal of Medicine found that at least 60% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical problems. The issues of health care coverage and its costs are often the center of… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Aug 17, 2015

There are few things as stressful, annoying, and inconvenient as home repair. Whether it’s a busted pipe, leaky roof, or storm-damaged fence, fixing issues like these are always unwelcome additions… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Dec 19, 2016

Recently, VantageScore Solutions and the Consumer Federation of American conducted a survey to find out how many people were knowledgeable when it came to credit scores and their affects on finances.… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Dec 18, 2014

Personal space is important for our sanity. The way that your home environment is structured, curated, and expressed says volumes about you, and influences your mood. Home is the place where even the… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Dec 22, 2016

The global economy has shown signs of slowing. Financial security is not something easy to come by, and if found, should be considered a lucky thing to have. Some could say the same of finding a mate… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Apr 13, 2018

Continuing our series, we scoured the web once again to bring you a list of the best and worst items to buy in July. July marks the middle of summer, when Memorial Day sales have ended and Labor Day… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Dec 17, 2014

If you have ever been a server at any type of restaurant, you know how important a tip can be. Servers are amongst those making some of the lowest wages in the country, and therefore rely on tips in… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Dec 17, 2014

Ever since Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” the media has always had an appetite for the bizarre, often disgusting, inner workings of the food industry. The higher the gross-out factor, the greater… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Dec 21, 2016

Feeding your self can be a tedious task. With all of our deadlines, and meetings picking what to food hardly makes it on to the to-do list. Consequently, we end up picking up something on the way to… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Jan 12, 2017

The way food is packaged has much to do with the types of foods we eat, and which brands we buy. Most marketing tactics are fairly obvious, like bright colors and eye-catching logos. What isn’t as… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Jan 02, 2015

Let’s face it,  as a culture Americans love to dine out, and for good reason. Going out to eat can be fun and even romantic, and with so many amazing restaurants all over the country, the desire to… Read more

by Kirsten Jadoo Jan 12, 2017

Eating healthy on a tight budget requires that we consider food as fuel, not as a past time or as entertainment. Eating for $50 a week means that not every meal you eat is something you can find on a… Read more