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Best Banks In Louisiana

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Finding the Best Banks in Louisiana 

Finding the best banks in Louisiana starts with finding the banks with the most branches in the state. That way, Louisianans won’t find themselves stranded without a nearby branch should they need one. Big banks took over this list with the resources to offer more than 100 branches. Below, you will also find some of the best bank accounts, like the best savings accounts, for Louisiana. 

Bank APY Minimum Deposit Highlights
Chase Bank Chase Bank logo Read More 0.01% $25
  • Best National Bank
  • Best Customer Service
  • Thousands of branches throughout the country
Whitney Bank Whitney Bank logo Read More 0.01% $100
  • Best Regional Bank
  • Over 100 branches in Louisiana
Capital One Capital One logo Read More 0.20% $0
  • Best Free Checking Account
  • Best High-Yield Checking Account
  • 123 branches throughout Louisiana 
Capital One Capital One logo Read More 1.00% $0
  • Best Savings Account
  • No monthly fee 
Chase Bank Chase Bank logo Read More 0.01% $25
  • Best for Students
  • Easy online and mobile banking

How We Determined the Best Banks in Louisiana 

To find the best banks in Louisiana, SmartAsset experts first rounded up the top 15 banks by number of branches in the state. This ensures customers can have easier access to their banks. Then we dived into each bank’s offerings, including accounts, fees, rate structures and more. This information helped determine the best bank accounts for Louisianans, as well. 

Best National Bank & Best Customer Service: Chase Bank


For the easiest branch access in Louisiana, you’ll want to bank with Chase, which maintains 140 branches throughout the state. The bank also operates physical locations in 25 other states along with its thorough online and mobile interfaces. This makes for convenient access to your money no matter where you are. Chase also offers the opportunity to keep all your accounts in one place with ease. 

Chase has a somewhat limited suite of accounts, however. You can choose from a couple savings accounts, four checking accounts and a handful of certificates of deposit (CDs). None of its interest-earning accounts offer great rates, however, especially its CD rates. You’ll also want to be mindful of each account’s monthly fees. You can also waive those fees but only if you meet certain transaction or balance requirements. 

Luckily, if you need to contact the bank for any reason, Chase offers some of the best customer service in the South Central region according to a customer satisfaction survey. Louisiana residents have 140 branches to choose from, but you can also call the bank at various phone numbers depending on your concern and department. 

Best Regional Bank: Hancock Whitney Bank

Silver Savings

Hancock Whitney Bank offers the third most branches in Louisiana falling behind only Chase and Capital One. In addition to its 110 branches in the Bayou State, Hancock Whitney Bank also has locations in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Outside of these states, however, you might find it difficult to access your money especially with the bank’s $2 out-of-network ATM fee charged on each transaction. 

Hancock Whitney Bank offers a number of different accounts. There are two savings accounts, a range of CDs, three checking accounts and multiple IRAs to choose from. Just know that the bank’s minimum deposit requirements might be a little high for those just getting into banking. The account’s interest rates are relatively unremarkable, as well, which won’t yield much savings. 

Best Free & Best High-Yield Checking Account: Capital One 360 Checking® Account

Capital One 360

When Capital One is an option, most regional banks can’t really compete with its account offerings. The Capital One 360 Checking® account earns the title of both Best Free Checking and Best High-Yield Checking account. It’s completely free without any loopholes or hoops to jump through. You can also use thousands of ATMs around the world fee-free. 

This free account also earns interest on all balances, where higher balances can earn higher rates. Balances below $50,000 earn at 0.20% APY, balances between $50,000 and $99,999 earn 0.75% APY and any balances over that earn at 1.00% APY. 

Capital One 360 operates online and via mobile, with internet browsing and a smartphone app. You can also call to speak with a real person or visit your nearby location for in-person service. 

Best Savings Account: Capital One 360 Savings Account

Capital One 360

In addition to its solid checking account, Capital One also offers its great 360 Savings® account. You’ll earn 1.00% APY on any balance you have in this account. Plus, the account is free to own so you don’t have to worry about fees cutting into your savings. 

If you open more than one Capital One account, all those accounts will be easily accessible with one login both online and on mobile. 

Best for Students: Chase Bank


Chase Bank is great for both college and high school students with its College Checking and High School Checking accounts. The College Checking account is available to students 17 to 24 years old with proof of student status at account opening. It requires a low minimum deposit of $25 to open. The account isn’t free outright with a waivable $6 monthly fee. You can waive the fee for five years while enrolled in college. You can also waive the fee with either a direct deposit or average ending day balance of at least $5,000 each statement cycle. 

The High School Checking account is made for students 13 to 17 years old with a parent/guardian co-owner. The account must be linked to the adult’s personal checking account. This relationship will also waive the High School Checking account $6 fee. You can also waive the fee with either a direct deposit made to this account or an average ending day balance of at least $5,000 in this account.

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