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Lee Huffman

Personal Finance Expert

Posts by Lee Huffman:

by Lee Huffman Jun 24, 2022

When picking a financial advisor, investors have many options. You can work with an independent advisor or one from a major investment company. Since you already have a bank that you know and trust, some investors ask, “Do banks have financial advisors?” In this article, you’ll learn if banks offer investment advice, the benefits of working with a bank financial advisor and whether you should work with one or not. For help finding an advisor, use SmartAsset’s free financial advisor matching service. Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 23, 2022

When searching for a financial advisor, you’ll come across numerous designations and licenses. It can be hard to understand what they mean and how they’re different. The CMA and CFA are two common fiduciary designations for financial advisors. Let’s compare the key differences to help you pick the best advisor for your portfolio. A financial advisor can help you create a financial plan for your needs and goals. Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 21, 2022

Being a financial advisor can be a career that helps people achieve their financial goals. And you’ll learn facts that will improve your own finances, too. To become a financial advisor, every state may have its own slightly different requirements to sell securities or recommend investments. Financial advisors in California must satisfy education, examination, experience and ethics requirements. Here’s a breakdown of what you need in 2022 to begin your career as a financial advisor in California. Consider working with a financial advisor as you create or update financial and estate plans. Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 16, 2022

Becoming a financial advisor can be a lucrative career where you help people reach their financial goals. In order to become a financial advisor, there are specific steps that you must take in order… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 13, 2022

Investors who want to piggyback on the growth of popular companies should look at ancillary businesses that grow in parallel because of their relationship to the popular business. For investors who… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 10, 2022

As you build wealth, you increasingly become a target for lawsuits. Lawyers often see wealthy investors as “deep pockets” that can financially right the wrongs that a plaintiff feels they’ve suffered… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 02, 2022

Annuities are an ideal option for investors seeking regular income in retirement. They pay out a fixed stream of payments on a monthly or annual basis that you can never outlive. Here’s how much you… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 02, 2022

When buying a home or refinancing an existing mortgage, if you don’t have a large enough down payment, you may have to purchase mortgage insurance. Some loans, such as an FHA loan, require that you… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 26, 2022

The primary mortgage market connects mortgage lenders with borrowers who want to buy or borrow against owner-occupied homes, vacation homes and investment properties. Most homeowners need a mortgage… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 24, 2022

When diversifying your portfolio with alternative assets like real estate, it’s common to wonder how much real estate should be in your portfolio. While many people own the home they live in,… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 20, 2022

Investors often look to real estate to diversify their portfolios and mitigate risk. However, many investors don’t want the responsibility or risk of owning individual real estate properties. REITs… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 20, 2022

Most of the time, carrying out a dead person’s last wishes is fairly simple – their assets are divided as the deceased directed in the will, everyone grieves and then moves on, possibly with slightly… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 19, 2022

Family offices and hedge funds are two types of wealth management tools for high-net-worth investors and families. These platforms go beyond traditional financial advisors and provide additional… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 16, 2022

It’s easy to see your seemingly rich friend and forget about the fact that there are people in this country whose wealth makes the average doctor or lawyer seem like a pauper by comparison. Ultra… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 11, 2022

As investors accumulate wealth, many look to invest beyond traditional stocks and bonds. Investments through hedge funds and venture capital involve complex structures and higher risk, yet have the… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 10, 2022

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, getting the home under contract is just the start of the process. Since most Americans don’t buy their homes with cash, they need a mortgage to complete the… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 06, 2022

As you take steps to meet your financial goals, it is always important to keep in mind long-term planning. Long-term investment planning ignores the daily fluctuations of the market and, instead,… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 06, 2022

When buying or refinancing your home, you want to get the best deal on your mortgage. To find the lowest interest rates and best terms, you’ll need to decide between working with a mortgage broker or… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 06, 2022

Many seniors seek long-term care benefits from Medicaid because they don’t have a long-term care policy or the money to pay for care themselves. In order to qualify for benefits, Medicaid requires a… Read more

by Lee Huffman Apr 28, 2022

Mortgage payments are one of the biggest bills that most households pay each month. Some credit cards offer tremendous rewards and perks based on how much you spend on them. Because of that, it makes… Read more

by Lee Huffman Apr 28, 2022

If you’re looking to buy a new home or refinance an existing mortgage, the interest rate has a major impact on your monthly payment. Interest rates often change multiple times throughout the day, so… Read more

by Lee Huffman Apr 28, 2022

Life insurance policies provide a financial benefit to the people left behind when someone passes away. This money is available to cover burial expenses, pay off debt, replace lost income, and more.… Read more

by Lee Huffman Apr 28, 2022

Experts advise investors to build a diversified portfolio to minimize volatility and generate consistent returns. One of the ways that you can achieve diversification is to add hard assets to your… Read more

by Lee Huffman Apr 19, 2022

With the demise of company pensions, 401(k) plans have become the de facto retirement plan for the majority of American workers. These company retirement plans make it easy for employees to save for… Read more

by Lee Huffman Apr 13, 2022

A mortgage payment is often one of the largest monthly bills that a household pays each month. By reducing this payment, you can free up more money to invest for your future or pay off existing debt.… Read more