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Kayla Sloan

Savings, Budget and Debt Expert

Kayla Sloan is a writer with an expertise in debt, budgeting and saving money. She is focused on paying off her consumer and student loans, while simplifying her life and closet. Kayla's work has been featured across the web, including on The Huffington Post, Time, and AOL. You can follow her as she blogs about her journey out of debt at

Posts by Kayla Sloan:

by Kayla Sloan Mar 24, 2016

Many people choose the spring and summer to spruce up their yards and start a variety of outdoor projects. These quick fixes can not only make the outside of your home look more attractive, but they can actually boost your home’s property value. And giving your home a makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are nine easy ways to add curb appeal for less than $100. Read more

by Kayla Sloan Sep 09, 2016

Fashion involves more than peaking into your closet every morning and throwing on the first set of clothes that you can find. In my opinion, clothing and accessories give me the opportunity to express my individuality on a daily basis. Even though I strive for my personal style to come off as both fun and unique, I still like to follow some of the new trends from time to time. But I’m on a limited budget. Read more

by Kayla Sloan Nov 17, 2016

Lots of people don’t like having garage sales. They consider them to be a lot of work for very little return. But for me, having a garage sale is almost always worth it when I tally up how much money I made for stuff I was going to get rid of anyway. Here are four of my secrets to hosting a successful garage sale. Hopefully they’ll help you earn some extra cash the next time you hold one. Read more

by Kayla Sloan Jan 20, 2017

We look up to celebrities for all sorts of things, from fashion advice to tips on which charities to support. But one thing we probably shouldn’t look up to celebrities for is financial advice. While… Read more

by Kayla Sloan Nov 06, 2017

Paying off debt with “gazelle intensity” is a great way to get rid of debt quickly. Cutting your budget to a nearly bare-bones level and working hard to increase your income, speed up debt payments… Read more

by Kayla Sloan Sep 14, 2018

One of the lessons I’ve learned as I continue to work my way out of debt is that you need to treat yourself and celebrate your little successes along the way so you can avoid debt fatigue down the… Read more

by Kayla Sloan Jul 05, 2018

Paying interest isn’t fun. And it’s generally not a very good use of money. So a 0% percent interest offer can be quite tempting. These deals are probably most often seen as an introductory rate on a… Read more

by Kayla Sloan Mar 17, 2015

“Buy one, get one free!” “10 for $10” Sales like these can be hard to resist, especially if you are someone who likes to save money like I do. For years, I would get sales fliers in the mail for my… Read more

by Kayla Sloan Mar 12, 2015

Starting a business might sound difficult and expensive, and in some cases it is. But not all businesses fall into this category. In fact, many small businesses are easy to start and don’t require… Read more

by Kayla Sloan Dec 07, 2016

When you are in debt on multiple credit cards or from multiple sources, like a mix of student loans, credit cards, personal loans, etc. it can be difficult to decide where to start with paying off… Read more

by Kayla Sloan Mar 06, 2015

In life, money isn’t everything. But having enough of it sure can make a difference. By finding ways to increase your income, you might be able to pay your bills more easily, pay off debt or save up… Read more

by Kayla Sloan Mar 02, 2015

Even though the economy is on the up-swing, many people remain unemployed or under-employed. This can make paying even basic bills and living expenses very difficult. If you are in this situation or… Read more

by Kayla Sloan Feb 16, 2015

It’s almost impossible to get through life without taking on debt at some point or another. Between using student loans to go to college, taking out an auto loan for your first car or qualifying for… Read more