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Emma Giebler

Emma Giebler is a freelance writer who covers a variety of personal finance topics. Her expertise includes homebuying and saving money. Emma graduated from Syracuse University.

Posts by Emma Giebler

Second Home Mortgage
Home Buying

6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Second Home

A second home can act as both a vacation home and an investment, as homeowners can easily rent them out when they’re not staying there. But like most home purchases, buying a second home probably means you’ll need a second mortgage. When… read more…

SmartAsset: The Best Gyms for Your Wallet
Credit Cards

Gyms That Can Be Good on Your Wallet

Getting in shape can be expensive, with all the pricey exercise classes, gym gear and subscriptions. However, there are some gyms out there where you can get the benefits of working out without overly draining your wallet. If you’re looking… read more…