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Daniel Berkowitz

Home Buying and Student Loan Expert

Daniel Berkowitz is a writer living in New York. He is an expert in topics including home buying and education. Daniel earned his M.S. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Posts by Daniel Berkowitz:

by Daniel Berkowitz Feb 06, 2015

Do you know what an amortizing loan is? Yes, it’s a scary-looking word (it does come from the French word “amortir,” meaning to deaden, after all), but the idea is entirely harmless. Let us explain. Read more

by Daniel Berkowitz Nov 07, 2017

Colleges often provide a different social and academic experience than do universities, as they’re typically smaller and more intimate. And since they’re comprised of just one school (universities are comprised of multiple colleges), they tend to only cater to undergraduates. To that end, especially with many liberal arts colleges, emphasis is placed on teaching students how to think, rather than how to enter a specific industry. Read more

by Daniel Berkowitz Mar 01, 2018

Home insurance is a form of protection for what is likely your most important and expensive asset, as well as for the contents inside. Should disaster strike, your insurance company will be there to help shoulder the financial burden. Deciding on what form of home insurance can be a difficult task, however. What’s more, deciding on which home insurance provider can be even trickier. So to help out, we looked at all the major candidates and ranked the top 10 home insurance companies:* Read more

by Daniel Berkowitz Nov 09, 2017

For many high school juniors and seniors, the overriding goal of their academic careers is to go to the best university possible. They write college essays, pour over their SATs, and load up on… Read more