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How To Be a Cheap First Date

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a first date with someone that you’re interested in. That’s great! What’s not so great though is your bank account. Don’t fret here are just a few cheap first date tips! With these you can still have a great night out without breaking your already broken bank.

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Be honest about it

How To Be a Cheap First Date

Many guys will do whatever it takes to hide from their date that they are trying to pinch some pennies while trying to equally impress them. This can lead to various problems. Why did you persuade your date so much to switch from cocktails to water after the first round? Why did you order the soup when you were eyeing the seafood entrees and just saying how you were so hungry? This will not make you look cheap and potentially weird. While you might be cheap first date at this moment there’s no need to hide it. Try telling your date that your finances are a bit tight at the moment while setting up the date. Most likely they will understand. They might even be in the same boat as you and were afraid to say so. What if they react negatively to this? So what. If someone won’t go out with you just because of your financial rough patch, then move on. They weren’t worth draining your funds for anyway.

Find cheap alternatives

How To Be a Cheap First Date

Gentlemen, there are cheap first date alternatives to a lot of the places we want to go on our dates. Maybe you can’t afford two tickets to the huge concert or play that was going on that night. That’s ok because you did your research and found out that there is a great comedy venue with $5 tickets. Better yet, there’s a free concert in the park and the community theater is opening their newest play for $10 tickets. Sure, it may not be Louis C.K. or Jay-Z like you were hoping for but if you and your date have common interests these inexpensive alternatives can serve just as well. Another great option for the summer is to look into summer movie screenings going on in your park. There’s nothing better than a night of cinema under the stars.

Food alternatives

food alternatives

I’m not going to try and convince you that dollar pizza slices are romantic or going to win you many points in your date’s eyes. However, cheap pizza and some ice cream could be the perfect, fun date that allows you to save precious pennies in your wallet. Not only is pizza inexpensive but it’s casual and could help you and your date let your walls down and get to know one another better. If the environment in the restaurant isn’t to your liking, take your food on the road! Which leads to my next point.

Get to know each other without spending a dollar

How To Be a Cheap First Date

If you live in a safe neighborhood and the weather is nice why not forgo the traditional and go for a walk? Going for a walk is a great way to get your cardio exercise in and ample time to talk to your date. You can get to know one another without spending a dollar. Most parks have tons of seating and lovely views. This can provide a perfect opportunity to see if you two have hit it off so far. By going for a walk you can seem creative and willing to break from the traditional, which can earn you high marks in your date’s eyes!

If all else fails, split the bill

How To Be a Cheap First Date

Just like being honest, if you don’t ask you will never know the results. If you were honest in the beginning your date may have already assumed or decided that they would be splitting this date with you. Again, this shows a large, positive attribute about your date. They know that you are in tough financial times and are happy that you didn’t choose to cancel instead.

A date willing to split the bill shows that they are generous and understanding of your current situation. Congratulations! You have successfully determined that your date is a good person! Now it’s time to woo them with your frugal gentleman ways. Best of luck!

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