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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you rank schools?

  • Schools are ranked using a proprietary ranking algorithm developed by SmartAsset. Rankings are based primarily off of two metrics: math and reading proficiency. This data is compiled by the department of education on a school-level basis and then ranked according to school size.

  • Source: National Center for Education Services (NCES) and the U.S. Department of Education

How do you rank crime?

  • Crime statistics are pulled on a county-level directly from FBI crime statistics databases and ranked based on relative crime metrics within each state.

  • Source: FBI Crime Statistics database

Where does demographic information come from?

  • All demographic data is sourced directly from Census databases accessible for each county.

  • Source U.S. Census Department

Where does population and income growth come from?

  • Population and income growth statistics are sourced from ACS, a statistical bureau within the Census department.

  • Source: ACS 5-Year Estimates

Where do historical housing prices come from?

  • Historical housing data is a compilation of data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency interpreted by Moody’s.

  • Source: Moody's Analytics (FHFA House-Price Index)

How do you determine if I am overpaying for a house?

  • SmartAsset determines the estimated price of a house based off of estimates provided by Zillow and Epraisal. These estimates are largely based off of recent sales and pricing of comparable homes.

  • Source: © 2007-2009, Inc. Use is subject to

  • Source: © Zillow, Inc., 2006-2013. Use is subject to Terms of Use.

How do you determine if a home will appreciate?

  • Growth rates are calculated using projected home value data provided by Moody's Investor Services using their proprietary algorithmic forecasting data.

  • Growth rates shown are compound annual growth rates ("CAGRs"). The CAGR is an estimate of the average annual price appreciation over the time period selected.

  • Data source: Moody's Analytics Inc.