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SmartAsset Team

SmartAsset employs a team of writers and editors with years of experience in the editorial, news and personal finance industries. Some staff members also hold the Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF®) designation from the Institute for Financial Literacy.

Posts by SmartAsset Team

A financial advisor uses a webinar to connect with new clients.
Advisor Resources

Webinar Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

Webinars can help financial advisors showcase their expertise, engage potential clients and provide valuable, interactive content that could help establish their credibility and build trust. Let’s take a look at how you can use webinars as an effective strategy to retain existing clients and connect with new ones. If you need help growing your client… Read more…

A financial advisor shares industry successes and tips on a marketing podcast.
Advisor Resources

10 Marketing Podcasts for Financial Advisors

Are you keeping an eye open (or, more appropriately, an ear) for smart ways to expand your financial advisory business? Podcasts have become popular in the industry. And financial advisors could benefit from them to stay updated on industry trends, gain insights from experts and continually expand their knowledge base to better serve their clients.… Read more…

A woman comparing the tax requirements for traditional and Roth IRAs.

How a Roth IRA Is Taxed

A popular and efficient way to stretch your retirement dollars is to take advantage of the tax benefits offered by Roth individual retirement accounts (IRAs). However, to maximize these advantages, you need to know how Roth IRAs are taxed. Here’s a breakdown of taxation for Roth IRA contributions, earnings and withdrawals; and a comparison with… Read more…

Financial advisors reviewing their video marketing strategy to engage both clients and prospects.
Advisor Resources

How Financial Advisors Can Use Video to Grow Their Firm

Video marketing can help financial advisors connect with new clients through a dynamic platform that showcases their expertise, builds advisor-client trust, educates audiences, and establishes personal connections in the finance industry. If you’re looking you an effective strategy to draw in new clients, here are the ways video marketing can make you stand out as… Read more…

A financial advisor planning a marketing seminar for target clients.
Advisor Resources

Top Seminar Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

Did you know that there are over 280,000 financial advisors in the United States alone, all vying for the attention of potential clients? This fact paints a vivid picture of how competitive the field of financial advising can be. Keeping this in mind, financial advisors are incessantly on the hunt for effective ways to captivate… Read more…

A senior couple reviewing the benefits of their joint annuity.

What Is a Joint Annuitant?

A joint annuitant is a person who, alongside the primary annuitant, stands to receive benefits from an annuity contract throughout their lifetime. They’re often the spouses or partners of the primary annuitant, but can also be anyone else named in the contract. Upon the primary annuitant’s death, the joint annuitant becomes eligible to receive annuity… Read more…

Financial advisors discuss how to automate marketing activities.
Advisor Resources

How Financial Advisors Can Automate Marketing Activities

In today’s fast-paced financial advisory landscape, marketing automation is transforming how advisors operate, enhancing client engagement and maximizing growth. Integrating marketing automation into your practice can help you see a considerable reduction in labor and time costs, as well as impressive increases in lead generation and conversion rates. It can also help you automate marketing… Read more…

An investor decides to take a negative carry with the expectation that she will profit long-term.

What Is Negative Carry?

Negative carry in investing refers to a situation where the cost of holding an investment, including expenses, interest, or financing charges, exceeds the income or return generated from that investment. Calculating this can help you avoid costly investment mistakes and identify opportunities to take advantage of potential increases in asset value when borrowing money to… Read more…

An investor deciding on a gap trading strategy after the price of a stock fluctuated.

Understanding Gap Trading Strategies

Gap trading is a common stock trading term, referring to a strategy that aims to take advantage of the price difference or “gap” between the last closing price of a financial asset and the next opening price to capitalize on potential short-term fluctuations in the market. Let’s break down how you might be able to… Read more…

Two financial advisors reviewing top target markets for their firm.
Advisor Resources

Top Target Markets for Financial Advisors

Certain groups or individuals have financial requirements and need help managing their assets. Financial advisors can offer expert assistance to these groups, providing tailored advice to help them grow and maintain their financial health. For financial advisors, target markets (also known as niche markets) are distinct groups of potential clients that a business wants to… Read more…