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Sarah Sharkey

Personal Finance Expert

Posts by Sarah Sharkey:

by Sarah Sharkey Aug 11, 2022

Medicaid provides a way to pay for medical costs. But it can also lay claim to the assets that you leave behind, including life insurance if you do not have a designated beneficiary. Let’s break down what what Medicaid can claim and how to protect your assets. A financial advisor can help you create an estate plan that protects your assets for your family. Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Aug 09, 2022

The stock market can be volatile, creating ups and downs that can be impossible to predict. Knowing when to sell stocks can make a big difference in your long-term investment portfolio whether you’re only investing long-term or if you’re looking to trade for quick wins every day. The way that you go about it, though, will be different based on what your investment strategy is so it’s important to understand what factors to consider. If you need help making the best decision for your unique portfolio, don’t hesitate to reach out to a financial advisor.  Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Aug 08, 2022

A bear market marks a time of uncertainty for investors. It’s uncomfortable to watch your portfolio potentially free fall during a bear market. But knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel can help. So, how long do bear markets last? Let’s explore. A financial advisor can guide you in making smart investments for your portfolio in a bear market. Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Aug 05, 2022

As Web3 emerges, a new asset class can be found in digital real estate that many are considering as potential investments in their portfolios. There are many different ways to invest in digital real… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Aug 05, 2022

If you use PayPal, Venmo and other third-party payment networks, then you might get a 1099-K form from the IRS. This form reports transactions from third-party payment networks. And depending on how… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jul 27, 2022

Voluntary life insurance is a type of insurance offered as part of a group insurance policy that typically covers employees in the event of their death. It is an additional benefit offered by… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jul 27, 2022

Donating real estate to charity can come with a myriad of benefits. Not only will you help out a worthy cause, but also take advantage of tax benefits that can lower your overall personal tax burden.… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jul 27, 2022

As a business owner, you might find yourself asking, “Do I need a CPA for my small business?” This is because It’s often not required to hire a certified public accountant (CPA) for your small… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jul 21, 2022

An estate plan indicates what you want to do with your assets after you are gone. Depending on your goals, you may want to leave some funds or other assets to charity. It’s possible to create estate… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jul 19, 2022

If you have $10,000 to invest in interest-producing assets, understanding how much you can earn per year is key. The amount you can earn in interest varies based on the asset you choose. Let’s break… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jul 13, 2022

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American household spent $5,177 on healthcare costs in 2020. With healthcare costs eating into many American budgets, you may wonder if a… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jul 13, 2022

Philanthropic giving allows you to make an impact by donating to organizations that reflect your values and support your causes. If you want to include philanthropic giving in your estate plan, there… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jul 12, 2022

Your savings are a pillar of your financial foundation. And as you build out your financial plan, you’ll likely wonder: How much of your savings should you invest? The answer will depend on your… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jul 07, 2022

An economic recession sends ripple effects across the economy. Although everyone feels the effects, most can only wait for sunnier economic times to appear. Knowing how long a recession can last can… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 28, 2022

You can identify the specialization of a financial advisor through the certifications that they hold. When looking for a financial professional, understanding the key differences between a CFP and a… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 28, 2022

When working with a financial advisor, their certification can help you quickly determine what kind of advisor they are. Although there is usually some overlap between what a CPWA and a CFP can do,… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 28, 2022

Investors interested in diversifying their portfolios can use direct indexing and ETFs to achieve that goal. While an ETF can be a simpler option, you can exercise more control over your portfolio… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 23, 2022

ESG bonds are an investment choice for those seeking to build their portfolios with investments that have a positive impact on the world. ESG investments focus on companies with high environmental,… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 23, 2022

If you’re shopping around for a home, you may be wondering whether this is a seller’s market, which favors homeowners over homebuyers. Let’s break down the characteristics of a seller’s market and… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 16, 2022

When an economic storm rolls in, you might wonder if the economy has hit a recession or depression. Although both indicate difficult economic downturns, the causes and effects of each vary. Let’s… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 16, 2022

Nursing home costs can take a real bite out of your assets without proper planning. Although protecting your assets can be complicated, it’s a necessary step. Let’s break down what happens when you… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 14, 2022

Buying on margin means investors borrow funds through their brokerage accounts to invest, with the goal being to earn more money through your investment. But sometimes, you may lose money when the… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 09, 2022

An annuity can be an appealing option to build your retirement nest egg. Adding guaranteed retirement income to your retirement can give you financial stability. But the exact amount that you’ll get… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 09, 2022

As you build a retirement nest egg, there are many investment options to choose from. An annuity is one option that provides a guaranteed retirement income that can serve as a cornerstone for any… Read more

by Sarah Sharkey Jun 08, 2022

Parents and grandparents looking for a way to pass assets to their beneficiaries should consider a bare trust, also known as a naked trust or simple trust. It is one of the simplest forms of a trust… Read more