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Mark Henricks

Mortgage, Retirement and Investing Expert

Mark Henricks has reported on personal finance, investing, retirement, entrepreneurship and other topics for more than 30 years. His freelance byline has appeared on CNBC.com and in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and other leading publications. Mark has written books including, “Not Just A Living: The Complete Guide to Creating a Business That Gives You A Life.” His favorite reporting is the kind that helps ordinary people increase their personal wealth and life satisfaction. A graduate of the University of Texas journalism program, he lives in Austin, Texas. In his spare time he enjoys reading, volunteering, performing in an acoustic music duo, whitewater kayaking, wilderness backpacking and competing in triathlons.

Posts by Mark Henricks:

by Mark Henricks Jan 17, 2020

Corporations regularly need infusions of money – perhaps to hire new employees, fund new projects or raise money for an acquisition. In this situations, they typically face a choice between two options: debt financing and equity financing. Debt financing is another term for borrowing. Equity financing involves selling part ownership of a company in exchange for money. Here’s how each financing method works, and the pros and cons of each. Read more

by Mark Henricks Jan 16, 2020

A pyramid scheme is an investment scam. Often they are business opportunity scams that solicit people to pay to distribute products or services. They, in turn, recruit additional distributors. Many people think of supplement sales when they think of a pyramid scheme. Here’s how one works. Read more

by Mark Henricks Jan 16, 2020

There is a wide variety of training for financial, investment and business expertise. Two of the most readily recognized and broadly accepted designations are the charted financial analyst (CFA) designation and the master of business administration (MBA) degree. Understanding the strengths of each one, and their differences, can help you find a financial professional whose training will be most useful to you. Read more

by Mark Henricks Jan 16, 2020

When assessing the financial performance of a corporation, there are numerous useful metrics you can examine. Two of the main ones are operating income, which is profit minus operating expenses; and… Read more

by Mark Henricks Jan 08, 2020

Most businesses are organized as operating companies, meaning they manufacture items or provide services. Holding companies, on the other hand, only have investments in other companies; they don’t… Read more

by Mark Henricks Jan 08, 2020

Three financial documents can evaluate the health of a business: the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow statement. Each measures and reports on different aspects of a company’s… Read more

by Mark Henricks Jan 06, 2020

Selling a business involves a lot of paperwork and a good contract. A business sale agreement is a legal document that describes and records the price and other details when a business owner sells… Read more

by Mark Henricks Dec 28, 2019

Whether you’re a business owner or an investor, understanding the key differences between revenue vs profit is important. You also should know how to calculate each. Revenue and profit measure… Read more

by Mark Henricks Jan 15, 2020

While death and taxes may both be certain, taxation is the only one of the two that can happen twice. If you own a business, the last thing you want is to get taxed on your income twice. Double… Read more

by Mark Henricks Dec 23, 2019

A sole proprietorship is a simple type of business or enterprise that is owned and run by a single person. Sole proprietorships are subject to different rules than other types of businesses. Read more

by Mark Henricks Dec 19, 2019

If you own a small business and run it for a profit, you can likely deduct the costs incurred. Small business tax deductions reduce your taxable profits and, therefore, business taxes. From home… Read more

by Mark Henricks Dec 16, 2019

Smart business tax planning can make a big difference for your company. Each of the more than 30 million small businesses in the United States probably has a different ideal tax planning strategy.… Read more

by Mark Henricks Dec 15, 2019

Businesses don’t know when disasters might strike or how big a bite they’ll take from their income. A business continuity plan is important for businesses trying to predict the unpredictable. It can… Read more

by Mark Henricks Dec 13, 2019

When used to refer to an owner of a business, the term “principal” can be a designation for any of several positions and entail a range of key responsibilities. But the rubric under which all the… Read more

by Mark Henricks Dec 05, 2019

A Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS) is a financial professional who helps families prepare for the costs of college. These experts are able to help fill out financial aid forms and answer… Read more

by Mark Henricks Nov 27, 2019

Fiduciary liability insurance protects companies from lawsuits if they makes errors or fails to act in employees’ best interests. For example, if beneficiaries of a 401 (k) plan accuse administrators… Read more

by Mark Henricks Nov 25, 2019

Selling a small business means income, and income means income taxes. But the way you structure the deal can make a major difference in how much of the sale price goes to taxes, and how much stays… Read more

by Mark Henricks Nov 25, 2019

Thinking about selling your business? There are several ways to calculate the selling price of a business — but not everyone agrees on what method is best. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular… Read more

by Mark Henricks Jan 15, 2020

Several factors distinguish S Corp vs C Corp tax advantages. Choosing to become a C Corp or S Corp can have a sizable effect on a business’s future, growth, and investor base. There’s no easy answer… Read more

by Mark Henricks Nov 23, 2019

If you have a limited liability company (LLC), electing to tax it an S corporation could be helpful. Numerous factors could help your decision. How do you treat your income? Will you use some of it… Read more

by Mark Henricks Jan 08, 2020

The Series 27 Financial and Operations Principal (FINOP) is a license that allows its holder to oversee the financial operations in one specific organization, namely a member firm brokerage. Also,… Read more

by Mark Henricks Nov 16, 2019

Excise taxes apply to specific goods and services. Businesses that make or sell chosen goods and services collect most of these taxes. As a consumer, you generally won’t get a bill for excise tax.… Read more

by Mark Henricks Nov 14, 2019

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business. Entrepreneurs are some of the most storied figures in their fields. They are credited with originating industries, building large fortunes and,… Read more

by Mark Henricks Jan 15, 2020

An investment professional who supervises municipal securities trading for a securities firm or bank dealer needs a Series 53 license. The Series 53 exam, also called the Municipal Securities… Read more

by Mark Henricks Nov 12, 2019

No matter where you are in your career, sooner or later you’ll be approaching retirement. While you should start saving now for your post-working life, consulting with a certified retirement… Read more