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Greg Bennett

Debt and Credit Expert

Greg Bennett writes articles for SmartAsset on a variety of personal finance topics. His expertise includes credit, debt and saving money.

Posts by Greg Bennett:

by Greg Bennett Dec 16, 2016

With summer holidays around the corner, barbecues and holiday parties will soon be upon us. However, there is absolutely no need to break the bank when entertaining friends and family. Here are our top seven recommendations for throwing a party while maintaining your wallet’s composure. Read more

by Greg Bennett Dec 16, 2014

A hobby can be a wonderful and fulfilling use of your free time.  However, sometimes your recreation budget can get a bit out of control, and going overboard on hobby-related spending can get expensive.  Here are a few tips on how to have fun without breaking the bank. Read more

by Greg Bennett Aug 12, 2015

Nothing burns more than when you’re shopping for things and when you “Proceed to Checkout,” suddenly your balance balloons with shipping charges and other fees.  You always feel a bit cheated, and you ask yourself, “How could I have avoided these horrible charges?!” Here are eight shopping sites that will help ease your shipping burden. Read more

by Greg Bennett Dec 16, 2014

According to the 2010 Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey, 53 million people had trouble paying or were unable to pay their medical bills.  Of that 53 million, 30 million had been… Read more

by Greg Bennett Jul 24, 2018

For many young Americans, thinking about what life will be like during their retirement years is almost inconceivable.  Retirement is still decades away, and while they know their 401k or IRA is … Read more

by Greg Bennett Feb 15, 2017

Every year, there are more cars on the road.  While the mass transit departments of America’s metropolitan areas struggle to keep up with growing population and urban sprawl, long commutes are… Read more

by Greg Bennett Jun 19, 2018

Your credit score is a number that will follow you wherever you go.  Whether you are applying for a home loan, opening new lines of credit, or venturing into a new investment, your ability to obtain… Read more