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Mississippi Property Tax Calculator

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Overview of Mississippi Taxes

Average effective property tax rates in Mississippi are quite low at 0.79%. Also, the median annual property tax payment in Mississippi is just $1,009. That is less than half the national average.

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Mississippi Property Taxes

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In Mississippi, taxes on real estate are a key source of local revenue. Property taxes support school districts, as well as city and county governments. Nonetheless, property taxes in Mississippi are quite low. The median annual property tax payment in Mississippi is $1,009, which is significantly lower than the $2,578 national median.

Property taxes in Mississippi are low, in part, because home values are relatively low. Mississippi also has a number of rules that reduce the tax burden on homeowners.

If you are considering becoming a homeowner in Mississippi, a good place to start is with our Mississippi mortgage guide. It includes important information about rates and the different types of loans available.

A financial advisor in Mississippi can help you understand how homeownership fits into your overall financial goals. Financial advisors can also help with investing and financial plans, including taxes, homeownership, retirement and more, to make sure you are preparing for the future.

Mississippi Property Tax Rules

Property taxes in Mississippi are due by February 1st of each year. Taxes are based on rates and assessed property values determined during the preceding year.

For owner-occupied residential properties the assessed value is equal to 10% of market value (also called true value). The rate for all other real estate is 15%. Each county has an assessor, who is required to revalue each property in the county at least once every four years.

Homeowners may also be eligible for the Mississippi homestead exemption. This exempts the first $7,500 in assessed value from taxation, up to a maximum of $300 off your tax bill. Seniors who are 65 or older receive a full exemption on the first $7,500 of their property’s assessed value.

Mississippi Property Tax Rates

Tax rates in Mississippi are determined by local tax authorities based on the amount of revenue they need to fill their budgets. Tax rates are expressed in millage rates. One mill is equal to $1 of tax for every $1,000 in assessed value.

So, for example, if your assessed value (before applying the homestead exemption) is $15,000, and your millage rate is 100, your tax bill would be $1,500. After applying the maximum homestead exemption of $300, your total taxes due would be $1,200.

Another way of determining property tax burden is by looking at effective tax rates. An effective tax rate is the annual property tax payment as a percentage of home value. An average effective tax rate is the median property tax payment as a percentage of the median home value. The table below shows average effective property tax rates for every county in Mississippi.

CountyMedian Home ValueMedian Annual Property Tax PaymentAverage Effective Property Tax Rate
Adams County$92,800$7660.83%
Alcorn County$92,400$6420.69%
Amite County$75,500$4390.58%
Attala County$76,000$6780.89%
Benton County$68,800$3780.55%
Bolivar County$94,700$8840.93%
Calhoun County$67,700$6690.99%
Carroll County$89,300$7170.80%
Chickasaw County$66,000$6661.01%
Choctaw County$81,600$3960.49%
Claiborne County$63,000$5180.82%
Clarke County$79,700$5100.64%
Clay County$87,400$5980.68%
Coahoma County$67,200$8301.24%
Copiah County$97,900$6070.62%
Covington County$78,600$4460.57%
DeSoto County$162,000$1,2530.77%
Forrest County$120,700$1,1390.94%
Franklin County$76,500$4910.64%
George County$109,800$8210.75%
Greene County$80,900$6690.83%
Grenada County$99,700$8480.85%
Hancock County$144,400$9880.68%
Harrison County$144,500$1,1040.76%
Hinds County$115,200$1,2061.05%
Holmes County$56,100$5300.94%
Humphreys County$68,900$7091.03%
Itawamba County$89,500$7230.81%
Jackson County$129,400$1,0720.83%
Jasper County$73,400$6090.83%
Jefferson County$62,300$5230.84%
Jefferson Davis County$84,200$5500.65%
Jones County$92,100$7800.85%
Kemper County$71,200$3870.54%
Lafayette County$188,600$1,4290.76%
Lamar County$170,400$1,2480.73%
Lauderdale County$93,100$9080.98%
Lawrence County$93,200$6410.69%
Leake County$78,500$5450.69%
Lee County$131,300$1,0670.81%
Leflore County$79,700$8911.12%
Lincoln County$99,600$7610.76%
Lowndes County$131,800$7560.57%
Madison County$215,100$1,5650.73%
Marion County$85,100$6560.77%
Marshall County$108,000$9440.87%
Monroe County$88,200$7040.80%
Montgomery County$80,000$6910.86%
Neshoba County$81,400$6730.83%
Newton County$83,000$6600.80%
Noxubee County$60,800$5500.90%
Oktibbeha County$161,100$1,4310.89%
Panola County$77,400$6120.79%
Pearl River County$128,600$9320.72%
Perry County$83,700$5810.69%
Pike County$91,400$7600.83%
Pontotoc County$102,700$6860.67%
Prentiss County$91,800$7070.77%
Quitman County$52,300$5241.00%
Rankin County$160,000$1,0750.67%
Scott County$68,700$5970.87%
Sharkey County$61,800$6591.07%
Simpson County$84,200$5800.69%
Smith County$95,400$5270.55%
Stone County$117,800$8570.73%
Sunflower County$73,900$8991.22%
Tallahatchie County$63,500$5920.93%
Tate County$117,800$1,1390.97%
Tippah County$83,100$6330.76%
Tishomingo County$85,300$4440.52%
Tunica County$101,600$4590.45%
Union County$95,000$6900.73%
Walthall County$90,400$6280.69%
Warren County$118,600$8670.73%
Washington County$74,700$7020.94%
Wayne County$84,000$5470.65%
Webster County$83,100$5970.72%
Wilkinson County$70,000$5480.78%
Winston County$84,100$6060.72%
Yalobusha County$83,100$5720.69%
Yazoo County$81,400$7520.92%

You can also learn more about your mortgage payments with our mortgage calculator.

Hinds County

The most populous county in Mississippi, Hinds County has property tax rates that are significantly higher than the state average. The average effective tax rate in the county is 1.05%. Hinds County also has a county-wide millage rate of 119.87. Local millage rates vary within the county.

If you have questions about how property taxes can affect your overall financial plans, a financial advisor in Jackson can help you out.

Harrison County

Situated on the Gulf of Mexico in southern Mississippi, Harrison County has tax rates slightly below state averages. The county’s average effective tax rate is just 0.76%. A homeowner facing that rate with a home worth $150,000, would pay just $1,140 annually in property taxes.

DeSoto County

DeSoto County’s average effective tax rate of 0.77% is just about on par with the statewide average. DeSoto County sits across the state line from Tennessee. It’s worth noting that property taxes in DeSoto County are well below those in Tennessee’s Shelby County, home to Memphis. The rate in Shelby County is 1.42%, almost double the rate in Mississippi’s DeSoto County.

Rankin County

If you are looking for low property taxes in Mississippi, Rankin County might be a good choice. The most recent county average millage rate in Rankin County is 111.59 mills. The average property tax rate in Rankin County is just 0.67%.

Jackson County

Homeowners in Jackson County pay higher-than-average property taxes. The median annual property tax payment in Jackson County is $1,072. That's higher than the state average.

Madison County

Photo credit: © Viisimaa

This central Mississippi County has the highest median home value of any county in the state at $215,100. So while tax rates in Madison County aren't especially high (the average effective tax rate is 0.73%), homeowners in the county pay more in dollar terms than homeowners in any other Mississippi county. The county’s median annual property tax is $1,565.

Lee County

The average effective property tax rate in Lee County is 0.81%. At that rate, the annual taxes on a home with a market value of $150,000 would be $1,215.

Lauderdale County

Taxes on real estate in Lauderdale County are among the highest in the state. The county’s average effective property tax rate is 0.98%. However, because of the county’s relative low home values, most homeowners in the county pay around $900 a year in property taxes.

Forrest County

Forrest County is located in southern Mississippi and contains the city of Hattiesburg. The county’s average effective tax rate is 0.94%. Forrest County is also one of just a handful of counties in the state where the average homeowner pays more than $1,000 in property taxes.

Jones County

The typical homeowner in Jones County pays less than $800 annually in property taxes. That payment amount is low partly because the county has relatively low home values, with a median of just $92,100. Otherwise, tax rates in the county are slightly above average for Mississippi. The average effective property tax rate in Jones County is 0.85%, which is 0.06% above the state mark.