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Important Disclosures

Fee Disclosure Document

SmartAsset Advisors LLC (“SmartAsset”) is pleased to introduce you to the SEC or state registered financial advisors presented on your results page (the “Advisors”).  A description of the services provided, fees charged, and other important disclosures is included in each Advisor’s Form ADV Part 2A disclosure brochure, which is provided on the results page. Certain Advisor profiles on the results page also include additional solicitor disclosure information. You are encouraged to read each Advisor’s disclosure brochure carefully before hiring an Advisor, and, if applicable, their supplemental disclosure statement, which provides important details regarding their relationship with us (both of which are provided on the Advisor's results page).

SmartAsset has entered into a written agreement with each Advisor under which SmartAsset refers potential clients to the Advisor in exchange for a referral fee.  The referral fees are paid by each Advisor to whom you are matched, regardless of whether you become a client of any of the Advisors.  The amount of the referral fees is determined between each Advisor and SmartAsset.  In some cases, SmartAsset will receive a portion of the ongoing fees that an advisor charges you, However, no portion of the referral fees paid to SmartAsset will be charged to you, and the fees you pay an Advisor will not be increased as a result of this arrangement.  For more information, please view your matched Advisor’s ADV Part 2A regarding fees and services.  For additional advisor disclosures, please see the advisors profile page available here. In general, the Advisors are not affiliated with SmartAsset. However, certain Advisors to whom SmartAsset makes referrals are affiliated with Focus Financial Partners, which is a minority investor in SmartAsset’s parent company.  Advisors affiliated with Focus Financial Partners participate in the SmartAsset referral program on the same terms as other Advisors, and are not given preferential treatment by SmartAsset’s matching algorithm.

SmartAsset is registered with the SEC as an investment adviser. A copy of SmartAsset’s’ Form ADV Part 2A is available here. A copy of SmartAsset's Form CRS is available here.

Your acknowledgement of receipt of (1) this disclosure, (2) the Form ADV Part 2A of each Advisor to whom you are matched, and, if applicable, their supplemental disclosure statement and (3) SmartAsset’s’ Form ADV Part 2A will be electronically recorded by SmartAsset, and may be provided to each matched Advisor as required by SEC regulations.

Should you have any questions about this disclosure, please contact SmartAsset or any of the Advisors to whom you have been matched.  You may also print or save a copy of this disclosure for your records.