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Top Interview Questions for Financial Advisor Candidates


Once you’ve decided to hire an advisor for your firm, it’s crucial to find a candidate who aligns best with the needs and aspirations of your clients. There are a number of key questions to ask financial advisor candidates to gain insight into whether they would be a good fit for your firm. Answers to such questions opens the door to discuss a candidate’s experience, motivation and expertise.

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1. What Drives You to Be a Financial Advisor?

Understanding the motivations behind a financial advisor candidate’s choice of profession can provide essential insights into how dedicated and committed he or she might be to the industry and to your firm. An advisor passionate about helping others attain financial success may offer better service than one primarily driven by financial gain. 

For instance, consider the story of an advisor whose passion for financial planning was sparked by witnessing the drastic effects of poor financial decisions within her own family. This deeply personal experience fuels her dedication to preventing similar missteps among her clients. That’s someone you may want on your team. 

2. How Does Your Finance Experience Qualify You to Be a Financial Advisor?

Past experiences can illuminate how an advisor candidate will handle the portfolios of your clients. A candidate’s history involving financial planning, investment management, retirement planning or tax optimization can illustrate if they are suitable for managing your clients efficiently. Whether they’ve successfully navigated past market gyrations or have valuable insights gleaned from managing diverse portfolios, these experiences can indicate how they’ll help you grow your firm. 

3. What Is Your Process for Providing a Comprehensive Financial Plan to Clients?

A broad view of their financial planning process will help you understand how a candidate incorporates unique financial objectives into a tailor-made plan for clients. Whether it’s deploying a systematic approach to asset allocation, considering multiple scenarios for market performance or considering your comfort with risk, a detailed action plan can help ensure your individual financial needs are met.

4. What Asset Allocation Guidelines Do You Default to for Clients?

A woman interviewing to become a financial advisor

Learning about a financial advisor’s standard approach to asset allocation provides a snapshot of how a financial advisor candidate balances risk and returns. For instance, an advisor may advocate for a blended approach of equities, fixed-income securities and alternative assets, based on the client’s risk tolerance, investment horizon and financial circumstances. This adaptability highlights their commitment to creating personalized strategies for individual clients’ situations.

5. What Current Economic Risks Could Hurt Client Returns?

Probing their understanding of present economic risks can unveil an advisor’s economic literacy and ability to safeguard a client’s investments. Current risks could involve inflation tendencies, changes in interest rates, geopolitical events or fluctuations in market conditions. An insightful response demonstrates a candidate’s understanding of these variables and how they impact various asset classes.

6. How Do You Prefer to Communicate With Clients?

A client’s satisfying relationship with their financial advisor hangs on clear, open communication. Whether they prefer face-to-face meetings, phone calls, emails or digital platforms, this flexibility demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a well-informed client. You need to know how they will represent you when they work with clients.

7. If I am a Potential Client, How Would You Convince Me to Choose You as My Financial Advisor?

This inquiry offers a window into the unique selling proposition of the financial advisor candidate. Whether it’s their exceptional track record in helping clients attain financial independence, personalized approach to crafting financial plans or niche expertise in particular investment avenues, the advisor’s response can affirm why they are suitable for your firm.

8. Tell Me About a Time You Dealt With a Difficult Client Problem

Discerning their problem-solving skills can better equip you to assess how they navigate financial complexities on your behalf as they work with your clients. From managing conflicts to addressing tricky financial issues, their anecdote can demonstrate their capacity to handle intricate situations.

9. If I Gave You $10 Million, How Would You Invest?

This hypothetical scenario provides a lens through which to view an advisor’s innovative strategies for managing sizable investments. Their strategies should not only be insightful but also align with the investment profile and long-term financial goals of your target client. For example, providing a strategy for a high-net-worth individual when you don’t work with any would be a tough sell. 

10. What Is the Toughest Financial Decision You Have Ever Had to Make?

An advisor’s response to this query can shine a light on their decision-making prowess and ability to negotiate stressful circumstances in their own life. The anecdote could involve weathering an economic downturn, navigating ethically ambiguous situations or implementing a significant strategic shift in approach. This can help show empathy for future clients.

Bottom Line

An advisory firm interviewing a new financial advisor

By asking insightful questions and parsing the responses of a potential financial advisor applying to work at your firm, you can recruit the right person who will represent you well. It’s important to understand their capabilities as much as their empathy for clients. You need to find a fit for your firm that matches the needs of your own clients. 

Tips for Growing Your Firm

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