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10 Marketing Podcasts for Financial Advisors


Are you keeping an eye open (or, more appropriately, an ear) for smart ways to expand your financial advisory business? Podcasts have become popular in the industry. And financial advisors could benefit from them to stay updated on industry trends, gain insights from experts and continually expand their knowledge base to serve their clients better. Below are 10 marketing podcasts that financial advisors could find useful:

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1. The Stephen and Kevin Show

The Stephen and Kevin Show, hosted by Stephen Boswell and Kevin Nichols, is a dynamic podcast that explores essential aspects of marketing, business development and practice management for financial advisors. Boswell and Nichols bring a wealth of industry expertise and often feature interviews with experts, providing listeners with diverse perspectives and actionable strategies. Topics can include client acquisition, effective communication or industry trends.

2. The Top Advisor Marketing Podcast

The Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, hosted by Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe, is a valuable resource for financial advisors seeking insights into effective marketing strategies. The hosts delve into digital marketing, branding and client communication topics, offering practical tips and real-world examples. The show is not currently making new shows, but there are over 250 episodes that provide a great amount of content for you to draw from.

3. The Advisor Lab By CION

In The Advisor Lab, Chris Patterson discusses marketing and growth strategies for financial advisors. These can include lead generation, client acquisition and the integration of technology in marketing efforts. The podcast can be appealing to advisors who want to experiment with new marketing approaches and refine their strategies for optimal business growth.

4. The Modern Financial Advisor Podcast

James Pollard hosts The Modern Financial Advisor Podcast, a show dedicated to exploring various aspects of the financial advisory profession with a specific emphasis on marketing and branding. Pollard delivers practical tips and strategies to help advisors enhance their marketing efforts and improve their overall business practices. Topics can include social media tactics, client communication, or effective lead generation.

5. Between Now and Success

The hosts of a marketing podcast discussing industry trends for financial advisors.

Steve Sanduski’s Between Now and Success podcast shares experiences and insights from financial advisors. They cover a broad range of topics, from marketing to client acquisition and practice management. Sanduski’s interviews offer a behind-the-scenes look at the strategies and philosophies that can benefit both aspiring and seasoned advisors.

6. The Perfect RIA Podcast

Matthew Jarvis and Micah Shilanski host The Perfect RIA Podcast, a show dedicated to helping financial advisors build efficient and profitable practices. Covering topics from marketing and client relationships to operational efficiency, the hosts share practical tips and real-world examples.

7. The Elite Advisor Blueprint Podcast

The Elite Advisor Blueprint Podcast, hosted by Brad Johnson, is a valuable resource for financial advisors seeking insights from top-performing professionals. Johnson interviews industry experts and successful advisors, covering a wide range of topics, including marketing strategies, client engagement and best practices for running a successful advisory practice.

8. The Marketing Mentor Podcast

Ilise Benun’s Marketing Mentor Podcast offers insights into general marketing strategies applicable across industries. While not specifically tailored to financial advisors, the podcast provides valuable information on marketing, client acquisition and building a successful business.

9. The Model FA Podcast

David DeCelle hosts The Model FA Podcast, which covers various aspects of running a financial advisory practice, including marketing and growth strategies. Through interviews with industry experts and successful advisors, DeCelle provides actionable insights and practical advice. The podcast serves as a model for financial advisors looking to implement effective strategies for business growth and client acquisition.

10. The Advisor Growth Community Podcast

Shawn Sparks hosts The Advisor Growth Community Podcast, focusing on growth strategies for financial advisors. The podcast covers a range of topics, including marketing, client acquisition, and overall business development. Sparks provides insights and practical tips to help advisors scale their practices and achieve sustainable growth.

Bottom Line

A financial advisor shares industry successes and tips on a marketing podcast.

Marketing podcasts can offer financial advisors a convenient and comprehensive platform to access diverse perspectives, industry insights and valuable educational content that could enhance their expertise and service offerings. You can listen, learn and leverage these resources to elevate your practice.

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