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How to Find a Financial Advisor Internship


Financial advisors often credit their successful careers to the insights and experience gained during internships, underscoring the significance of such opportunities. A financial advisor internship is a valuable stepping stone into the finance industry, a chance to apply classroom knowledge in real-world situations. Here’s a breakdown of what these internships entail, the types of companies offering them, what they look for in interns and how to find the right one for you. 

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What Is a Financial Advisor Internship?

A financial advisor internship is typically an entry-level position where the intern supports financial advisors in various tasks like researching investment opportunities, preparing financial plans and communicating with clients. It offers budding financial advisors the chance to gain practical experience, hone their skills, and understand the inner workings of the financial industry.

The benefits of financial advisor internships can be many and varied. You can gain hands-on experience in financial planning and advisory, learn how to navigate complex financial markets and cultivate valuable client interaction skills. Furthermore, you build on plenty of networking opportunities, which eventually may lead to a permanent job offer. 

Internships are a key stepping stone to a successful career in finance, offering the opportunity to apply academic knowledge to real-world scenarios and gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial advisory industry.

What Companies Look for in a Financial Advisor Intern

Two financial advisor interviewing a candidate for an internship.

Companies typically expect their interns to be proactive, eager to learn and able to work in a team. Therefore, looking at how your skills and ability fit into a specific company’s culture are important considerations during the hiring process. Understanding a company’s culture and aligning it with your personal preferences can help you choose the right internship that aligns with your career goals.

To be considered for an internship, companies typically look for interns with strong analytical skills, excellent communication abilities, keen attention to detail and a firm understanding of financial markets. For example, if you’re proficient in financial software, you may be tasked with analyzing client portfolios using that software. These skills are foundational for a career in financial advisory and will be accentuated throughout your internship journey.

In terms of your overall profile, companies often prefer candidates with a strong academic record in finance or related fields. If you are involved in extracurricular activities like finance clubs, case competitions or volunteering, these can also enhance your candidacy. Activities such as these demonstrate a genuine interest in finance and display initiative, both of which are highly valued by potential employers.

Tips for Finding the Right Internship

An important step is preparing for the internship interview. You should prepare for common interview questions such as “Why are you interested in this internship?”, “What relevant skills can you bring?”, and “Tell us about a situation where you solved a complex problem.” 

Similarly, understanding the job expectations helps interns know what skills they will be using and developing, the tasks they will be responsible for, and how they will be contributing to the company. Both are interconnected and crucial steps in the overall hiring process.

As you’re looking for a role it’s also vital that you network with as many people actively working in the industry as possible. You’ll be able to get a better understanding for how your future role will go, as well as insights to job openings that others might not be aware of. 

Bottom Line

Two financial advisors reviewing candidate applications for an internship.

The process of securing a financial advisor internship is an exciting step towards building a rewarding career in finance. Internships offer a unique opportunity to apply academic knowledge to real-world scenarios, gain invaluable industry experience and establish professional networks. So, think of an internship as a chance to walk in the shoes of a financial advisor before committing fully.

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