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SmartAsset Leads – Standard Advisor Outreach


Use this page to help you follow up with leads from SmartAsset.

Touch 1 (Message) Day 1: Schedule an Outreach

Hi, this is ______. I’m a Certified Financial Planner and your financial advisor from SmartAsset. I wanted to let you know that I will be giving you a call at __ on __ to go over your goals and see how I can help you to achieve them. If you would like to talk before then,  or schedule a time that is better for you, please give me a call at Phone #. Talk soon!

Touch 2 (Email) Day 1

Subject: We’re a match on SmartAsset!


Hello, ____,

My name is_____, from __________, and we were matched on SmartAsset.  

I’m really excited to be working with you moving forward.  As a follow up to the voicemail I just left, I was noticing that retirement planning is one of your biggest needs.  I have over __ years of experience in working with clients just like you on the financial matters that are most important to them.

Can we schedule 15 minutes on __ at __ ?  I would like to understand more about your goals.

*Look for, and request connection on LinkedIn Day 1*

Touch 3 (Thank you card) Day 1

(Admin) looks up address and we send out handwritten thank you card with magnet business card:


Thank you so much for connecting recently on SmartAsset. I just wanted to congratulate you for taking the time to start the process of financial planning. As a CFP, I help clients explore their entire financial picture. I am looking forward to the opportunity to partner with you on your most important financial goals.

Touch 4 (Message) Day 2

This is _____ your Financial Advisor with SmartAsset.  I’m so sorry I called you yesterday at a time that didn’t work for you.  Please call us to schedule a chat.  I know we can help.  Call me at Phone #.

Touch 5 (Message) Day 3

Hi, This is______.  I am a Certified Financial Planner with__________.  We were matched through SmartAsset.  I know we can make a difference.  Give me a call at Phone #.

Touch 6 (Email) Day 3 *Include Bio*

Subject: Financial Advisor Specializing in Retirement Planning (Include Bio)

This is _________with __________.  Feel free to text me back or call my personal cell phone at Phone #.

Touch 7 (Email) Day 5

Subject: Life is Busy


Dear _____,

We haven’t had a chance to connect yet.  I know life can get busy, and I am certain that I can help to keep you on track with your financial goals amidst the whirlwind.  Give me  a call so that I can better understand what is important to you.

Touch 8 (Message) Day 5 

Hi ____, ____, with __________.  I tried reaching out earlier.  Call me back on this number as soon as you can.

Touch 9 (Message) Day 8

This is ________with __________.  Please give me a call at Phone #.  I was contacted by SmartAsset recently.  They informed me that you were looking for a Financial Advisor, and that we were a very good match.  Our firm is celebrating our ___ year in business, and I would like the opportunity to show you why we are the best choice for serious long-term investors.  I hope to talk with you soon.

Touch 10 (Email) Day 10 *Include helpful/relevant attachments*

Hi _____,   ______ from ___________.  I am still interested in setting up some time for us to talk.  We work with our clients on a variety of financial topics such as retirement, income generation, legacy planning, tax efficiency and preparing for the unexpected.  I am confident that my holistic approach will uncover opportunities for you and your family.  Please give me a call at Phone #.

Touch 11 (Message) Day 10

Hi. This is ______ from ___________.  I left you a message today to follow up with our SmartAsset match.  Give me a call as soon as you can.

Touch 12 (Message) Day 12

This is _______ from ___________.  As a (Certified) Financial Planner, I wanted to reach out one more time to try to schedule some time for us to chat about what is important to you financially.  Please give me a call back, I am sure we can help. Phone #.

Touch 13 (Email) Day 12

Subject: When you are ready


Dear ____,

I want to make sure that I don’t wear out my welcome and keep the door open to a conversation in the future.  As a result, I will reach out periodically with ideas that I am confident could potentially add value to your financial situation.  Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.

Next Steps

  1. Schedule follow up call every 2 months.
  2. Connect and drip on LinkedIn.
  3. Add to drip Email campaign.