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Take control of your financial future.

A financial advisor creating a goals-based financial plan for a client.
Advisor Resources

How to Implement Goals-Based Financial Planning

As a financial advisor, there are any number of strategies for helping your client to build wealth. One of the most useful is called goals-based financial planning. This is the practice of organizing your client’s plans around specific financial goals and milestones. It’s particularly useful because this is how many households think about their own finances.… read more…

An advisor putting together a financial advisor newsletter.
Advisor Resources

How to Create a Financial Advisor Newsletter

Nurturing a sense of trust with clients can help increase retention rates and help you potentially gain new clients through referrals. Communication is central to that effort, and if you’re not leveraging the benefits of email marketing, you may be missing out on valuable opportunities to build deeper connections. Sending a weekly or monthly newsletter… read more…

A financial advisor researching Betterment for Advisors.
Advisor Resources

Betterment for Advisors Review

Choosing a custodian is a major step when starting a registered investment advisor firm. It’s your custodian’s job to manage and maintain client assets on behalf of your firm. Betterment for Advisors is one option you might consider. This technology-driven platform is designed to help advisors deliver superior service to clients as efficiently as possible.… read more…

RIA operations outsourcing can help you better serve your clients.
Advisor Resources

Options to Outsource Your RIA Operations

Managing operations is one of the most time-consuming aspects of running an independent advisory firm. Developing workflows and automating systems can help you streamline important tasks, but as you continue to grow, you might decide that the time has come to seek outside help. Third-party providers can assist with RIA operations outsourcing, allowing you to… read more…

Editor's Picks

CFA vs. CFP: Which Is Right for You?
Financial Advisor

CFA vs. CFP: Which Do You Need?

Chartered financial analyst (CFA) and certified financial planner (CFP) are common certifications for individuals working in finance, namely financial advisors. These are designed to tell a client (or employer) that the holder has received education in certain types of financial… read more…

Wealth Management Firm

5 Tips for Choosing a Wealth Management Firm

Wealth management firms are all different, with their own specializations and services. As a result, the process for choosing a wealth manager is a very personal one. Wealth managers work closely together with their clients to identify financial goals and… read more…

What Is a Fee-Only Financial Planner?
Financial Advisor

What Is a Fee-Only Financial Planner?

If a financial planner, financial advisor or another type of financial professional is fee-only, that means they receive compensation solely from the fees clients pay for their services. They do not earn commissions for recommending certain products. A fee-only structure… read more…

Investment Property

Why First Homes Could Be Investment Properties

If you’re young and looking to purchase a new home to live in, you may want to consider turning it into an investment property. While most people wait until after they’ve bought their first or second home to begin investing in… read more…

Data Articles and Studies

Data Studies

Where the Most New Construction Homes Are Being Added – 2024 Study

The Consumer Price Index clocks inflation between spring 2019 and spring 2024 at 22.9%. But Zillow home sale data demonstrates a particularly swift hike in home prices during this time, with the average home sale increasing by 49.4% in the same window. Housing costs are often the largest budget item for Americans and this could… read more…

Data Studies

Where Residents Are Experiencing the Most Financial Instability – 2024 Study

Inflation has hurt Americans financially in different ways, with the Census reporting that up to 45.8% of some households are having difficulty paying for essentials. In particular, inflation has put some Americans at higher risk for financial instability.  With this in mind, SmartAsset ranked U.S. states according to where residents are struggling most financially. Data… read more…

Data Studies

Social Security and Retirement Income Are Highest in These Cities – 2024 Study

Depending on employment and investment returns, the size of a retirement nest egg will look different for everyone. The number of work years, salary and retirement age will impact Social Security benefits. Meanwhile, both worker and employer contributions, investment allocations and timing will determine the value of retirement accounts like 401(k)s, IRAs and pension payouts.… read more…

Data Studies

Best Housing Markets for First-Time Homebuyers – 2024 Study

First-time homebuyers who have just reached the threshold for a down payment can face steep competition from seasoned homeowners with established equity. And as the cost of living increases, some of these first-time hopefuls could be squeezed out of more expensive areas.  With this in mind, SmartAsset examined the current state of the housing market… read more…

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