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Social Security Update for September: What You Need to Know


If you receive Social Security payments, whether you’re in retirement or have a disability, the Social Security Administration (SSA) calculates your benefits as a monthly sum. Each aspect of the program, both Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then issues those payments once per month to all beneficiaries.

Understanding what the Social Security landscape looks like for the upcoming month can be extremely helpful. Also in the fall, the Social Security Administration calculates what it will pay in benefits for the coming year based on current rates of inflation.

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Social Security Payments for September 2023

The SSA has made no changes to its 2023 retirement and disability benefits for September. Payments will remain consistent with all other months of this year. 

The amount that any given household receives depends on their individual circumstances. For Social Security retirement benefits, this depends on your work history and the age at which you began collecting benefits. The more Social Security credits you earned during your working life, the more you’ll receive in benefits up to the program’s cap. The later you begin collecting benefits, up to age 70, the more you will receive in benefits.

In Sep. 2023, you can receive up to $3,627 in Social Security benefits if you began collecting benefits at age full retirement age (67 for all current workers). If you begin collecting benefits at age 62, the earliest you can do so, you can receive up to $2,572. If you begin collecting at age 70, the latest you can do so, you can receive up to $4,555. According to July data from the SSA, the average retiree receives approximately $1,838 in benefits.

For SSI, the amount depends on household wealth. The greater your household’s income and assets, the less you will receive in SSI payments up to the point of ineligibility.

SSI pays a maximum of $914 per eligible individual or $1,371 per eligible individual with a spouse. In 2023, the average SSI recipient collected $553 in benefits. 

Social Security Payment Schedule for September 2023

Social Security sends out payments on a schedule based on both the program and the recipient. Recipients should allow up to three days for possible mailing and handling delays. If a holiday, weekend or another scheduled issue interferes with a scheduled payment, the SSA will issue payments on the first eligible day immediately prior.


If you receive SSI benefits, you will receive payments on the following schedule:

  • Friday, Sep. 1: All beneficiaries
  • Friday, Sep. 29: All beneficiaries

On Sep. 29, the SSA will issue October’s payment. This is because Oct. 1 falls on a Sunday, so payments are rolled forward to the Friday before the weekend.

Social Security Retirement Benefits

If you receive Social Security benefits, you will receive payments on the following schedule:

  • Friday, Sep. 1: Beneficiaries who also receive SSI payments
  • Friday, Sep. 1: Beneficiaries who began receiving Social Security before May 1997
  • Wednesday, Sep. 13: Beneficiaries with a birth date between the 1st and 10th 
  • Wednesday, Sep. 20: Beneficiaries with a birth date between the 11th and 20th 
  • Wednesday, Sep. 27: Beneficiaries with a birth date between the 21st and 31st

Unless otherwise stated, Social Security beneficiaries receive their payments based on the day of their birth. Payments are issued on the second, third and fourth Wednesday of each month, in order of birthday.

Social Security Updates and Changes for September 2023

There have been no changes to either the amount or schedule of Social Security benefits for Sep. 2023. There also have not been any changes to either the amount or schedule of SSI payments for the month. 

It’s important to understand this, as Social Security-related scams have become increasingly common. In most cases, this involves the scammer contacting Social Security recipients by telephone or (less often) email to tell them that there has been a change or problem with their benefits. It is also rare for anyone from the SSA to make an unsolicited phone call, so be vigilant with who you give your information to. 

Bottom Line

In Sep. 2023, Social Security will issue payments under their standard calendar, and in the amounts set for this calendar year. There have been no major changes, other than one accelerated payment due to Oct. 1 falling on a Sunday.

Social Security Tips

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