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SmartAsset Talks to The Budgetnista (Video)


Tiffany Aliche is The Budgetnista. She teaches financial empowerment through speaking engagements, workshops and her bestselling book. Her motto is “LIVE RICHER” and for this edition of SmartAsset Talks she explains what that means and how you can join 10,000 other women for her free 2015 LIVE RICHER Challenge.

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Women living in New Jersey looking to get educated about finances could go to a class and learn. But their teacher, The Budgetnista, wanted to find a way to reach the women around the country who were also asking for her help. So she came up with the LIVE RICHER Challenge.

To The Budgetnista, living richer means using your money to live the best life you know how to live. Savings, debt and credit are some of the issues that can hold you back. So during the challenge (starting January 5th) The Budgetnista tells us she will address all of those things to get you on track. In fact, you will work toward seven specific financial goals.

To learn more about the free 36-day challenge and why Tiffany is focusing on women and finances, check out the video above. You’ll also get a glimpse of why she is becoming the go-to money guru for big-time companies, as well as people all over the United States! (Hint: Whether you call her The Budgetnista or Tiffany she talks conversationally about topics she is clearly knowledgeable about.)

Thank you so much to Tiffany for joining us at SmartAsset Talks! This is an ongoing vlog (video blog) series with some of your favorite bloggers and personal finance experts. Keep checking back here for interviews – once a week we post them right here on the SmartAsset blog.

Photo and Video Credit: Walter Tyler