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Don’t Waste Money in… the Bathroom

Don't Waste Money in... the Bathroom

Saving money doesn’t always mean you have to drastically change your lifestyle. There are small changes that can really add up. In fact, you can find large savings in every room of the house. Check out our latest video blog for 3 tips to save you money in the bathroom:

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Our goal is to give you ideas you can implement right away that don’t require any upfront costs. So while you can certainly install a low flow shower head or buy your toilet paper in bulk (and we recommend those actions!), these are simpler tips.

1. Take Your Medicine Out of the Medicine Cabinet

Most medicine requires a cool, dry place for storage but bathrooms can get humid (think of all that steam when you take a shower). This may be shortening the lifespan of your meds. Carefully read the labels on both your prescription and over-the-counter medication. Then store them appropriately.

2. If You Buy It, Use It

If you decide to splurge on an expensive beauty product, make sure you use it! It’s a waste of money to buy an item and have it sit in your bathroom for months (or years!) only to throw it away mostly unused. If a product works well, it’s not necessarily a bad financial move to buy a pricier item, but it is to waste it!

3. Make it a Game

Try timing your next shower. Now aim to shorten that each time you get clean. How efficient can you be?

Bonus Tip

Use less. Most of us are using too much shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste. Make your bathroom products last longer by using less. For shampoo and conditioner you don’t need more than a dime size drop (really!) and for toothpaste you only need to cover about a quarter of the brush.

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