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3 Simple Ways to Save on Wine
Drinking wine can be a fun way to socialize, or a great way to relax. But if you pay too much for it, you’re going to be tense. You also won’t be able to afford to be social. That’s money you’ll have to spend on dates, or that can pay for your education. Put healthcare, gym memberships, and eating right on that list, too. You’ll have a more balanced life and checkbook, and all because of the effort you made to save on wine at the right price.

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You Don’t Need the Imports

Imported wines can seem exotic and unique, but there’s quite a bit of value in many of the domestic wines on the market, as well. It’s not necessary to overspend or get something with a foreign label. People will pay a lot to own something that’s from far away, and that drives up the price.

Meanwhile, plenty of great wines from your own country are languishing on the shelves, lonely and all but forgotten. Save some big bucks by buying them instead. Bonus points if you purchase from newer wineries, since their products will be even less costly than established competitors. You might just discover something amazing, too.

Have a Taste First

3 Simple Ways to Save on Wine

Wine tastings aren’t just for rich people or connoisseurs. Anyone can go to many of them. Some are free, and you can find them in your local area. Larger cities often have wine clubs, and both large and small places can offer great cafes and wine bars to explore. Also look for new liquor stores coming to your area. They often have wine tastings to bring in customers.

The more wines you try at these events, the better. Since it’s not bankrupting you to sample your options, you won’t have to worry about overspending on wines you might not care for. When you locate something you love, make sure you note what it is and find out where you can get it. The best way to save on wine is to know what you like. A lot of money has been wasted by people who buy wines without trying them first. Don’t be one of those people.

The More You Buy the More You Save

3 Simple Ways to Save on Wine

Wine keeps for a long time if you store it properly. Because it’s not going to go bad in a few months if you don’t drink it all, you might want to buy wine in bulk. Not only will you have some on hand whenever you need it, but you’ll have saved a lot of money, too. Buying by the case or by the gallon both work. It all depends on where you’re getting it from and how it’s normally packaged.

Some people buy locally, and others purchase over the Internet. Choose the place with the best overall price for the quantity you’re getting. A little research can go a long way when hunting prices. Of course, not every place is going to have the wine you want. If you’ve found something from a small, local winery, you can just make arrangements to get what you love right there.

Bottom Line

If you’re socializing with people who only like you if you drink expensive, foreign wines you haven’t tried before, you need new friends. Ditto on friending people who buy only one bottle at a time. Buying wine by the case doesn’t make you a wino. It makes you frugal, and it’s just another great way to save on wine .

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