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Micro Living: My 3 Tips for Living Big in a Small Space

So maybe you don’t want to live in a dumpster or a tree house but you are thinking about moving into a smaller space. Whether it’s because of economic reasons or the desire to leave a lighter footprint, micro living isn’t for the faint of heart. But with the right planning and creative storage you can enjoy your new scaled down life. Our own family downsized by over half of our original space and I have never felt better. There is a sense of freedom that you get from simplifying your life.

The switch to micro living comes with some challenges. Space is at a premium and you need to use every square inch of your new tiny home. Here are some tips to living big in a small space.

Get Rid of the Junk

When we moved into our new place, I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to take everything with me. I began to really look at things differently. I had “stuff” that was packed in boxes for years and taking up space in the closets and attic. Truth is I didn’t even remember what was in those boxes.

If you haven’t used it, worn it or thought about it in 6 months, chances are you won’t in the future. Make an exception for family heirlooms or things that have a strong sentimental value to you. I tended to keep a lot of things from my childhood as they reminded me of good memories, but the problem was there were so many of these things packed away. How could they have meaning and how can I enjoy them if they are just being stored in a box?

First I re-purposed these items – made a quilt from old high school sport shirts and baby clothes, made trinkets into xmas ornaments, used some childhood artwork to make decorations for my son’s room. Once I re-purposed all I could, I allowed myself one “memory” box for the things I wanted to keep that had sentimental value. The rest had to go.

Make the most of Every Inch

Storage is a commodity in small spaces. What’s the number one complaint of those adopting the new lifestyle? No storage space. Truth is you can find storage space anywhere. You can have wasted space under your bed, in your oven, along your bedroom walls.

You can find extra space anywhere; it’s what you do with it that counts. One area of wasted space in our house was under the coffee table in our living room. I was able to fit three large wicker boxes under it. Viola – instant storage for toys, books or craft supplies!

I also utilized the space under my beds. It makes a great place to store sweaters, shoes and blankets. Since we have a king sized bed, I can easily fit 5 storage containers underneath. This frees up room in my closets. Speaking of closets, they are usually an area of wasted space, too.

By storing excess clothes you aren’t wearing under your bed, it will let more room in your closet for other things. Over door hangers for shoes and other accessories like purses, ties and scarves can utilize the space on the back of your door instead of on the floor.

Choose Multipurpose Pieces

Choosing furniture for your tiny home can be challenging. Picking pieces that are multi-functional can be an easy way to make the most of what space you have. Did you know that they have coffee tables that pop up into a computer desk? Or there is a magnetic quilt that you can snap onto a washing machine so you can transform it into an ironing board? A great way to save space in your kitchen is to avoid buying a lot of gadgets that take up space in your drawers and cabinets and choose items that can be used multiple ways.

Living small can be a challenge but not impossible. Many people who adopt this new lifestyle say that getting rid of things feels liberating. Are you living in a tiny space and loving it? Share with us below!

Photo Credit: tranism

Jen Carl Jen Carl is a writer, blogger and mom living in Raleigh, NC. Once a big city career girl, she happily traded it in for a quiet life in the south. Jen is a reformed shopaholic who loves to help convert others to her thrifty ways. Her expertise includes budgeting, saving money and parenting. Jen enjoys crafting, cooking and DIY projects.
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