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You Can Now Make Money Making Fun of Jim Cramer

cramer etf

In the world of television commentators, few inspire more venom among certain portions of the internet as CNBC’s Jim Cramer. He was harshly criticized in the aftermath of the 2009 credit crisis, and he’s still frequently called out for his comments both about investing and about the broader world of politics and economics. If you count yourself among those who think Cramer is full of hot air, there’s some good news — someone has come up with a way for you to put your money where your mouth is. On the other hand, if you think Cramer is actually a smart guy, you have an option as well.

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The Cramer ETFs

Here’s how it works: Tuttle Capital Management recently launched two separate ETFs, both directly related to Cramer.

The first fund is called the Inverse Cramer ETF ($SJIM). This is the one for those who think Cramer is nothing but a hack let loose in a TV studio full of engaging stimuli. This ETF will invest in stocks that Cramer says people should avoid. It also goes short on the stocks that Cramer says to invest in, essentially betting against these companies.

The other ETF is called the Long Cramer ETF ($LJIM). This fund does the exact opposite. It will invest in the companies Cramer says are good and goes short against the investments he says are bad.

Tuttle and his colleagues will watch Cramer on TV and make investments based on what he says on air, according to reporting from Bloomberg.

ETF Basics

Both of these funds are exchange-traded funds, commonly known as ETFs. These work similar to traditional mutual funds, but instead of putting money into a pool directly, shares of ETFs are sold on the market. This allows them to be traded like other securities.

ETFs are a good choice for those who want more flexibility; plus, they frequently have lower costs and greater transparency than regular mutual funds.

The Bottom Line

cramer etf

Jim Cramer is a popular CNBC host, but he’s often popular mostly as someone to be mocked and belittled. If you think that Cramer is a joke, there’s a chance to make money off of it now — a new ETF is launching which does the opposite of what Cramer says. On the other hand, another ETF is launching that does exactly what Cramer says. Only the market will tell which one performs better.

Investing Tips 

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