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Stock Advisor Websites for Investors


Stock advisor websites provide individual investors with useful tools, research and guidance to build their wealth. Many investors count on these handy online sources for ideas and information on markets and individual securities. These sites offer stock screeners to identify opportunities, articles analyzing specific companies, model portfolios showing how to construct a diversified mix of holdings and communities to exchange ideas. Consider getting personalized guidance on stock investing from a qualified financial advisor.

What Stock Advisor Websites Do

Stock advisor websites help average investors learn about putting money into stocks. They can show people which stocks seem to be priced below what they are really worth. Some advisor sites also point out risks of possible money-losing stocks. Several allow you to search for stocks meeting certain criteria important to you.

Many advisor platforms provide model investment portfolios to demonstrate methods for mixing different types of investments. Additionally, these sites frequently have investing tips and education for beginners. On sites that allow users to exchange messages, the online communities that develop can provide insight and peer support.

5 Stock Advisor Websites 

A large number of websites offer advice on stock investing. The quality and focus of these sites can vary widely. Some supply broadly applicable content generated by experienced professionals and vetted by experts. Others may consist of uninformed ramblings of amateurs, often on topics of little interest to average investors.

The good ones can be well worth a visit and many investors rely on them heavily for assistance. To help you get started with some quality sources, here are five stock advisor websites for investors:

Morningstar Investor

SmartAsset: Stock Advisor Websites for Investors

This one offers easy-to-use stock screening tools to build portfolios matching your strategy. Morningstar’s analyst ratings on stocks and funds enable investors to home in on highly rated names.

The Motley Fool

SmartAsset: Stock Advisor Websites for Investors

Known for stock ideas across many categories and themes. Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor service claims its recommendations have beaten S&P 500 substantially over time. Beginners benefit from Motley Fool’s plain language education.

SmartAsset: Stock Advisor Websites for Investors

Complete information on dividend-paying stocks makes this site appealing to investors pursuing income strategies. Easily see upcoming dividend payout dates, amounts and a company’s history of rising dividends. 


SmartAsset: Stock Advisor Websites for Investors

A good source of numerous articles doing deep dives analyzing individual stocks, SeekingAlpha’s marketplace of contributors results in a wide range of recommendations.

SmartAsset: Stock Advisor Websites for Investors

Value investors are likely to appreciate this site’s estimated fair values of stocks calculated from discounted cash flows. Users can modify assumptions like growth rates to model different scenarios. 

When Stock Advisor Sites Fall Short

Although advisor websites provide useful input and ideas for stock research, they also have drawbacks. If a site concentrates on one philosophy like value metrics or dividends, for instance, it may not present other viewpoints.

Many sites provide free information. However, some platforms price premium memberships at well over $100 monthly. This limits their accessibility for many beginning investors.

Following model portfolios from sites exactly can also carry risks if they don’t fit your situation. And, as is always the case, past performance doesn’t predict future returns. Eye-catching claims of huge past returns some sites claim could have been due to positive market trends and good luck more than stock-picking skill.

Choosing Stock Advisor Websites

Rather than relying on a single stock advisor platform, consider utilizing multiple respected sites. Try to identify sites that offer different perspectives and tools and that cater to and complement the type of investments you actually make.

For instance, value investors can leverage Morningstar ratings plus’s cash flow estimates. Income-focused investors may couple for payout details with Motley Fool recommendations across sectors. Newcomers seeking education plus stock ideas can turn to Motley Fool and SeekingAlpha articles.

Check a potential stock pick against various site to generate a balanced view of its prospects. This is the same idea as talking to a range of experts rather than listening to just one voice. Investors should ultimately analyze stocks independently too, instead of following advisors blindly without question.

Bottom Line

Investors looking up stocks on stock advisor websites.

Stock advisor websites supply individual investors helpful services like screening for opportunities, evaluating stocks and presenting model portfolios. Leading platforms providing valuation estimates, risk assessments and diverse opinions can further success. However only depending on simple stock picks or ignoring bigger picture can mean missing out. Checking multiple trusted sites while staying thoughtfully engaged helps everyday investors access these powerful online tools. 

Investment Tips for Beginners

  • A financial advisor can suggest reputable online stock information providers with options tailored for you and supply hands-on, personalized advice. SmartAsset’s free tool matches you with up to three vetted financial advisors who serve your area, and you can have a free introductory call with your advisor matches to decide which one you feel is right for you. If you’re ready to find an advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals, get started now.
  • Project how much your portfolio will be worth over time using SmartAsset’s investment growth and return calculator.

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