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The Give Together Relief Fund


While many of the relief programs created to aid people during the coronavirus pandemic have come from the federal and state governments, there are relief programs created by companies and nonprofits. One such program is the recently created Give Together Relief Fund. The fund was created by the Family Dependence Initiative and Stand Together Foundation to provide direct relief to individuals and families impacted by COVID-19. To determine if you meet the eligibility requirements and understand application details, here’s what you should know.

What is the Give Together Relief Fund?

The Stand Together Foundation and the Family Independent Initiative partnered to offer a quick response to the financial need of individuals and families who are struggling due to the coronavirus outbreak. They launched the Give Together Relief Fund, which is otherwise known as the #GiveTogetherNow movement. This fund provides financial assistance to families who are in financial distress due to measures designed to stop the spread of COVID-19.

#GiveTogetherNow works with over 250 local nonprofits to identify families and individuals in need. Once verified, eligible households can receive a one-time $500 cash deposit. To fund the cause, individuals and organizations can donate through the online platform to support those are suffering financially. Within the first four weeks of launching the fund, it raised over $38.7 million.

Eligibility Requirements

#GiveTogetherNow has partnered with nonprofits across the nation, many of which have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. To ensure the financial assistance offered by #GiveTogetherNow the program goes to the ones who need it the most, these nonprofits refer individuals and families from their organizations.

Individuals and families might be eligible for cash assistance if they are experiencing financial hardship due to:

  • An unpaid leave due to social isolation,
  • To care for vulnerable or relatives infected with COVID-19,
  • A loss of wages as a result of involuntary closure of business, or
  • Unpaid leave of absence because of a school or daycare closure.

You can also join the #GiveTogetherNow wait list to receive support if you need cash. But know that the funds are prioritized to individuals and families who are vetted by the nonprofit partners. As the fund grows, more support might be available for other families in need.

How to Apply for Help

Box of donated food

If you’re not connected with one of the partnering nonprofits, you can apply directly through the #GiveTogetherNow site to be put on the waiting list. To apply you will need to provide the following information:

  • Email address
  • Zip code
  • Your reason for financial hardship
  • How you heard about the fund

You also have the opportunity to share information about what you’re seeing in your community. By providing this information you can help the #GiveTogetherNow fund better understand where more financial assistance is needed.

How to Contribute

If you’re fortunate enough to have some cash to spare, there are two ways you can help others with the #GiveTogetherNow movement. First, you can give money. You can make a direct cash investment into a family impacted by the pandemic. Whether you can donate $25 or $1,000, 100% of your donation will go directly to an eligible household.

The second way you can contribute is by a specific act of kindness. The Elizabeth R. Koch Foundation is matching acts of kindness. When you post your act of kindness on social media accompanied by the #GiveTogetherNow hashtag, the foundation will give a $500 cash donation to the fund. This initiative alone may help as many as 5,000 families in need. Here are the guidelines for submitting an act of kindness:

  1. Capture your act of kindness: You can either share a short video (no longer than two minutes) or a photo of your act of kindness. Then write a short post explaining the act and why you did it.
  2. Post your act of kindness: You can post your act to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  3. Use the #GiveTogetherNow hashtag in your post: The #GiveTogetherNow community manager will let you know when your contribution match was made on your behalf. 
  4. Make your post public: Many people have private social media accounts, so it’s important you make your post public so the community managers can find your post.

So, whether you call a vulnerable person or send groceries to a neighbor in need, small acts of kindness show people that they are not alone. And, as a result of doing something nice for someone you care about and sharing it on social media, you’re helping those who need your financial assistance.

The Bottom Line

two hands joined togetherIndividuals and families are suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re having a hard time making ends meet, the Give Together Fund might be able to help you out. To receive any financial assitance either reach out to one of the partnering organizations or apply online to be on the waiting list.

For those not impacted financially, you can contribute to help others in need. Visit #GiveTogetherNow for more details.

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