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We're your lead generation partner.

Prospecting for new clients isn't easy. Actively marketing your business is time-consuming and expensive. Plus, you can only grow so quickly through referrals. SmartAdvisor makes it possible to grow faster by directly matching you with qualified prospects.

Trust is a cornerstone of our business.

Investors trust SmartAsset as an authority on personal finance topics, both here on our website and on more than 100 financial news partner sites. We reach a monthly audience of more than 45 million Americans, and provide more than 5,000 qualified prospects per month to financial advisors like you across the country.

What You Can Expect When You Sign Up

We're committed to providing you with quality leads, account flexibility and outstanding customer service. Upon signing up, you'll have a dedicated account manager to ensure you get the most out of SmartAdvisor. We're your partner in helping you grow your business.

Prospective Clients Worth Meeting

Our typical lead is a pre-retiree who is in their late 50s, has substantial investable assets (about $750,000) and does not already have an advisor.

Choice in the Type of Leads You Get

This includes specifying the:

  • Range of investable assets
  • Geographic area (zip code-based)
  • Number of introductions per month

Account Flexibility

You can pause or cancel your account at any time. Going on vacation? Let us know and we’ll put your account on pause.

How It Works

We've developed a multi-step process to ensure we match you with high-interest leads.

  1. Leads take a detailed survey. People interested in being matched with financial advisors are invited to take a detailed 20-25 question survey.
  2. Our concierge team vets the leads by phone. Leads who complete the survey are vetted by our in-house concierge team.
  3. Leads are matched with a selection of advisors. Survey participants are matched with one to three financial advisors based on both investor and advisor matching criteria.
  4. You get your matches. You will receive an email with the lead's contact information and survey results.
  5. You can start the conversation with your prospective clients. Now that you have your lead’s information, you can get in touch.