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What is SmartAdvisor?

SmartAdvisor is a service designed by SmartAsset to match up interested investors with financial advisors.

Here’s how it works

  • Potential investors fill out a 20+ question survey about their financial circumstances and needs.
  • SmartAsset validates the leads.
  • You’re matched up with potential investors, based on both of your selected criteria.
  • SmartAsset gives you detailed information about your lead, and you get in touch.

The benefits of SmartAdvisor

SmartAdvisor generates thousands of qualified leads per month, and it’s free for advisors to sign up. With SmartAdvisor, you can sit back while SmartAsset does the work of generating leads for you.

How to sign up

To get started, all SmartAsset needs is your basic information.

Once verified, here’s what you’ll do next

  • Create your profile and select lead preferences.
  • Get leads in real time as investors match with you.
  • Grow your business!