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SmartAsset does not make recommendations on securities
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This analyst ratings tool provides broker recommendations on securities. The overview graph groups specific ratings into three broad categories - "BUY", "HOLD", and "SELL" - as follows: "BUY" grouping includes Buy, Market Outperform, Outperform, Overweight, Positive, Strong Buy, Sector Outperform, Speculative Buy, Top Pick, Add, Accumulate; "HOLD" grouping includes: Hold, Equalweight, Equal-Weight, In-Line, Market Perform, Neutral, Peer Perform, Perform, Sector Perform, Sector Weight, NEU, Mixed, and Fairly Valued; and "SELL" grouping includes: Sell, Market Underperform, Negative, Underweight, Underperform, Sector Underperform, Reduce, Undern, Conviction Sell, Strong Sell, and Speculative Sell. Sources: Market data and analyst recommendations information from: Benzinga. Close