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The Best Places to Travel in March

March can seem like the light at the end of the tunnel for anyone waiting for winter to end. That’s what makes the month of March an excellent time for a getaway. You can explore places near the equator or head to the southern hemisphere for a taste of the fall season. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation or a new spring break spot, here are the 10 best places to travel in March.

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1. Egypt

If you visit Egypt in March, the weather will likely be warm but not too hot. In Cairo, you’ll find plenty of things to do, from touring the pyramids to cruising along the Nile River. And best of all since there will be fewer tourists around, you’ll be able to find cheap hotel rates. If you want a destination that’s more laid back, you can check out the beach resorts on sandy Sharm el-Sheikh.

2. Cape Town, South Africa

The Best Places to Travel in March

With its warm, dry weather, Cape Town is another great place to visit in March. It can be quite expensive to fly into Cape Town, however. So to get the most bang for your buck, consider a longer trip rather than a quick visit. An extended trip may also give you the chance to check out the Cape Town Cycle Tour near the middle of the month and the Cape Town Carnival Street Party.

3. Argentina

While the weather varies throughout the country, March seems to be one of the best times to visit Argentina. During this time of year, Patagonia is easily accessible and Buenos Aires is warm. While you’re visiting, you may also want to consider spending time in Mendoza, the home of the Malbec wine.

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4. Vietnam

The Best Places to Travel in March

Whether you want to hike across the mountains in the north or lay out on a beach in the south, Vietnam could be a good spot for a vacation in March. You can study Ho Chi Minh’s French colonial architecture, visit Hanoi’s ancient pagodas and explore thousands of local markets. Navigating the country is fairly cheap – as is lodging and food – making Vietnam a perfect destination for the budget-conscious traveler.

5. Spain

In March, Spain’s winter chill fades away and the trees begin to bloom. In the capital city of Madrid, you can join the locals in eating tapas, sipping cocktails and dancing until dawn. If you head south to the region of Andalusia, you may be able to participate in some of the Holy Week festivities, like the street parties and the processions. Despite the large celebrations, places like Seville still manage to be relatively affordable for travelers.

6. Canary Islands

Although they’re part of Spain, the Canary Islands lie off the western coast of Africa. In March, the days are long and sunny and the crowds are fairly small. Tenerife – the largest of the Canary Islands – is a popular destination for English-speaking tourists. Within the same province, you can also visit Santa Cruz de la Palma’s colonial-style palaces, La Gomera’s plunging ravines and Fuencaliente’s volcanic craters.

7. Nepal

The Best Places to Travel in March

Home to eight of the world’s 10 highest mountain peaks, Nepal is the trekking capital of the world. If you’re eager to check out the wildlife (and you don’t mind the haze), March is one of the best times to travel to the country. You can see tigers, bears and rhinos at the Chitwan and Bardia national parks. If you have time, visit the city of Pokhara, where you’ll find deals on hotels, food and drinks.

8. India

To avoid the monsoons and the stifling heat, it’s best to visit India during a month like March. Anjuna and Vagator may appeal to you if you’re looking to check out the beach or enjoy the nightlife on a budget. Holi – or the festival of colors that begins annually in March – could also be worth exploring. Of course if you want the best deals, you’ll need to do some research.

9. Washington D.C.

The Best Places to Travel in March

There’s no better time than March to stroll around our nation’s capital. Between the cold winter and the humid summer, the spring is a great time to visit historic monuments, the National Mall and the U.S. Botanic Garden. There are plenty of concerts to attend and activities to participate in. For example, the National Cherry Blossom Festival – an annual celebration of the spring season and the cherry trees the city received from Japan – usually begins in March.

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10. Arizona

Arizona has a lot to offer. If you head to Scottsdale in March, you may be able to watch cheap baseball games during Spring Training. If you’re not into sports, you can go on a hike or explore the city’s art scene.

If you want to stop by the Grand Canyon, March is a good time to do it. The temperatures are cooler in the daytime and the crowds aren’t too difficult to manage.

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